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Home » Pakistan: Gender discrimination growing in school books

Pakistan: Gender discrimination growing in school books

Pakistan: Gender discrimination growing in school books

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan: Gender discrimination growing; Pakistan’s ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf amended the country’s National Curriculum (SNC) in August this year, saying the amendment was “a milestone in the path of ending inequality in the education system.”

But since the release of this new syllabus book, it has been criticized by many on social media. He says that the book depicts women and men as patriarchal.

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Pakistan: Gender discrimination growing

This outrage is on the lines of criticism of the curriculum by education experts, activists, and the general public. He says it has failed to include gender equality, religious minorities, and cultural diversity, DW reported.

In a statement, the Women’s Action Forum described the SNC as “based on ideological imperatives rather than educational imperatives” and said it would “sow the seeds of divisive thinking in society.”

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The cover of a fifth-grade English book has a picture of a father and son studying on a sofa while a mother and daughter are studying on the ground. Mother and daughter have also covered their heads with hijab.

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Most of the book covers also show small girls wearing hijabs. Generally, girls start wearing hijab after puberty or puberty. The same book also describes women leaders as “supporters of men”.

beyond reality

Girls and women are mainly depicted as mothers, daughters, wives, and teachers. There are no pictures of him in the pictures of playing and exercising. Only boys can be seen playing and exercising. In the pictures in which the girls have been given place, they are seen as mere spectators.

Bela Raza Jameel, CEO of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi (ITA) Center asks, “Girls and women in Pakistan are showing the best performance in sports at the moment. They are representing the country in Olympic Games. Like K2 Climbing mountains. So why are the books excluding her from physical activities and competitive sports instead of reflecting it?”

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