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K Drama Review: Our Blues

I just finished watching “OUR BLUES” and I am instantly regretting for not watching it from the moment drama started to air on Netflix.

By aakriti verma
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Our blues k drama review

Hello, Annyeong, Namaste. I hope all of you have been well. I am once again back with another K-Drama review. I just finished watching “OUR BLUES” and I am instantly regretting for not watching it from the moment drama started to air on Netflix. The fact cannot be denied that the Korean industry is taking the world by the storm. The drama offers wide ranging themes and they have touched upon and wrapped the themes beautifully.

OUR BLUES comprises of 20-episodes, that follows residents of Jeju Island as they go about their day. The different episodes are broken up into two or three parts, focusing on different residents. The show tackles a variety of topics including Down Syndrome and teen pregnancy, domestic violence, estranged mother/son relations, and more. 

Starrer Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, Lee Jung Eun. This series also marks the return of Kim Woo Bin in the industry. He was on hiatus due to his health issues and now he is back in the industry all healthy. Talking about the drama, ‘Our Blues’ has a huge star studded cast, a realistic and practical storyline. The series altogether brings stories of characters residing in Jeju. The drama has not only created a wider image of gratitude, empathy, sympathy, kindness and love but has also woven together the stories of the residents in a structured way. 

The beginning is slow and one may take an episode or two get oneself aligned to the storyline and adjust to the plot. However, the drama takes a good pace in later episodes and offers a balanced approach towards all the themes. One of the biggest strengths and advantages of the plot is, even after offering multiple themes the plot remains on track and doesn’t get all piled up in the latter episodes with an absolute satisfied ending. 

This slice-of-life drama enjoys the simplicity of its plot. Without exaggeration, the struggles of various people are shown, and the beauty of decisions that change people's lives is captured in brief moments. The drama emphasises inclusivity without puffing up its chest. Instead of tricking viewers into empathising with its characters, it relies on their journeys to draw them in and keep them interested. 

The way the show incorporates other characters into the story is another intriguing feature. Consequently, as viewers, we do so whenever the narrative switches its attention from one character to another. It's interesting to observe how minor characters in one episode end up taking centre stage in subsequent ones.

IMDB Ratings - 8.5/10 

If you are a person, who likes to watch shows consisting and showcasing a more practical storyline. Then this drama is a perfect fit for you. You can watch the drama on Netfix.

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