Only 16% Indian households plan to invest in 2023, 78% say no

As per the Axis My India’s India Consumer Sentiment Index, just 16% of Indian households said they will invest their money in 2023, while 78% said they have no such plans.

About 34% of those surveyed said they would invest in their children’s education. Saving for marriage remains the most important financial goal for 14% of people, followed by buying a home at 8%.

The survey which covered 10,019 people across India, including 70% from rural areas and 30% from urban areas, shows that only 16% of Indians said they will invest their money by 2023. This comes in amidst the volatility of the stock market and the scenario of rising interest rates in the country, due to global fears of inflation and recession.

Most people want to invest in financial assets

Invest in real estate16
Bank Fixed Deposits9
Mutual Funds5
Stock Market4
Repay personal loans/high intensive credit debts3
Fixed Maturity Plans2
Government invest-PPF/NSC/Govt Bonds2
Bajaj  Finance2
Not sure10
Wont invest20

Financial goals for 2023?

Childs education34
for marriage14
buy a house8
Save for bad times8
For Future3
Save for farming works3
Build a house2
buy a car2
No goal27
Indian plan to invest

Commenting on the report, Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Axis My India, said: “Our Consumer Sentiment Index shows that sentiment was higher in the first half of 2022 release, which was down slightly, but overall , we ended 2022 with consumer sentiment better than 2021 and much better than 2020. Going forward, the intent to invest and save more in 2023 reflects the current environment of resilience and cautious growth.”


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