Not only US, Chinese spy balloons targeted India, Japan: Report

China’s ‘spy balloons’ can cause concern for many countries. A few days ago, when a Chinese balloon was seen in the American sky, America called it a spy balloon, The Washington Post reported.

America had dropped this balloon while targeting. Although China said that this balloon had gone to collect meteorological information and had lost its way.

At a time when the tension between America and China has increased after the balloon episode, the claim made in a report by the American media may create new concerns for India as well.

Chinese spy balloons

America has claimed that China has targeted many countries with the help of spy balloons. These countries also include countries like India, Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

According to the claim made in the news, American officials have informed their friendly countries and allies about this. India is also included in these.

US officials told the Washington Post, “This spy balloon had been operating from Hanyan province on China’s southern coast for several years. Through them, information related to the military of countries of strategic importance to China was collected.

This method of spying through balloons is not new. This method has been used for years. The advantage of spying through this method is that these balloons are unmanned and their cost is comparatively less.

When America saw these Chinese balloons in its country, it followed them for many days. During that time, it was told from China that it is investigating and America should act peacefully without creating any hue and cry.

Later, China said that the balloon seen in the American sky belonged to China and it had gone astray while gathering meteorological information.

What was the reason for the US to shoot down this balloon?

The Washington government considers it an operation to explore US military installations. One of the reasons is that the device was near an air base in the state of Montana, where intercontinental missiles armed with nuclear warheads are kept.

How did China react to the shooting down of its balloon by the US?

Beijing officially protested the downing of the balloon. According to an official statement by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng, the event has “seriously damaged the efforts of both sides to stabilize Sino-US relations.”

Beijing called on Washington to “refrain from taking further steps that harm China’s interests.” According to China, the balloon was a “civilian aircraft” that would have accidentally entered US airspace due to “force majeure.”


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