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New gender option in passport for LGBTQ community

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Passport for LGBTQ community; The US State Department announced on Wednesday, October 27, that it has introduced another gender with ‘X’ in the passport instead of the gender of the man or woman, and the first passport of its kind has been issued. According to the announcement, the ‘X’ gender is for those who do not identify themselves as male or female.

Passport for LGBTQ community

The State Department expects to expand the scope of this facility by next year in issuing passports and birth certificates to U.S. citizens born abroad.

 Last June, the State Department announced that it was working to include a third sex option for intersex, non-gender, or those who do not identify themselves as male or female. However, he said the work would take time as existing computer systems would need to be technically upgraded.

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Although the first passport of this genre has been issued, passport application forms and system updates still require approval from the Office of Management and Budget, which approves all official forms prior to their issuance. Is. The department hopes that all these options will be available to all by next year.

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The State Department has also announced that those who choose such gender or gender will not need a medical certificate and will also have to present a driver’s license or birth certificate for a passport.

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Realistic move

 Jessica Stern, Special Envoy for LGBT Community Rights at the State Department, described the move as “historic.” Lives life. “

President Joe Biden also pledged to prioritize the rights of the LGBT community in his administration. The move is in stark contrast to the policies of former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who strongly opposed it.

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“On the occasion of the issuance of this passport, I would like to reiterate the State Department’s commitment to promoting the freedom, dignity, and equality of all people, including the LGBT community,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

 Many other countries around the world also offer gender-neutral options, with countries such as Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and New Zealand topping the list.

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