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NeoCov variant symptoms, All you need to know

NeoCov variant symptoms? All you need to know

Ground Report | New Delhi: NeoCov variant symptoms; A group of Chinese scientists from Wuhan have warned of a new type of coronavirus – NeoCoV – which has a potentially high infection and death rate. According to a report by Sputnik, the NeoCov virus was discovered in South Africa and it is believed to be linked to the Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS-COV.

Chinese scientists warn of the potential threat of a coronavirus discovered in South Africa in animals, capable of infecting humans and causing a deadly and transmissible disease.

What Is NeoCov variant?

This coronavirus called NeoCov, which spreads in bats, has been studied for at least 10 years. According to this new study are published on the bioRxiv site, the virus has an enzyme of the same type as that of SARS-CoV-2, in particular the ACE2 receptor, which allows it to enter the lungs. However, the enzyme specific to NeoCov acts only in animals.

The researchers warn that a single mutation in its genome would be enough for the virus to acquire the ability to infiltrate human cells. In addition, NeoCov is genetically close to another coronavirus, MERS-CoV, which caused the deadly epidemics that occurred in the Middle East in 2012 and 2015. Its mortality reached 35% of diagnosed cases.

The study found that NeoCoV and its close relative PDF-2180-CoV have the ability to use certain types of bat angiotensin converting enzyme2 (ACE2) and human ACE2 to penetrate in the body. The researchers insisted that a mutation could lead to transmission of the virus to human cells, Sputnik reported.

The startling revelation was made by scientists from Wuhan University and the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The new study has not yet been peer-reviewed and has been published in a preprint on bioRxiv.

Sputnik quoted Wuhan scientists as saying that NeoCoV brings with it the potentially combined high mortality rate of MERS-CoV (where one in three infected people die on average) and the high transmission rate of the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. .

Reacting to the findings of the new study, Russian researchers from the Vector Russian State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology said they were aware of Chinese research on the NeoCoV coronavirus.

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