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Most watched movies and series on Netflix during 2022

Most watched movies Netflix; The end of the year is just around the corner and, for this reason, Netflix has announced were most-watched

By Ground report
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The end of the year is just around the corner and, for this reason, Netflix has announced which were the most-watched movies and series of 2022. Netflix revealed the top 10 movies and series that broke the streaming service's viewership record in 2022, while also revealing which movies and shows topped the charts for the last full week of December. Despite debuting last Friday, Rian Johnson's Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery leads the ranking as the most-watched movie on Netflix for the week ending December 19.

Netflix released the expected ranking of the most viewed series and movies on the platform during 2022. Are there any surprises?

The most viewed series in 2022:

Netflix series in English:

  1. Stranger Things 4.
  2. Wednesday, season 1.
  3. Dahmer.
  4. The Bridgertons, season 2.
  5. Inventing Anna.
  6. Ozark, season 4.
  7. The Watcher, season 1.
  8. The Sadman, season 1.
  9. The Umbrella Academy, season 3.
  10. Virgin River, season 4.

Foreign Netflix series

  1. All of Us Are Dead, season 1.
  2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo, season 1.
  3. The Marked Heart, season 1.
  4. Til Money Do Us Part, season 1.
  5. Elite, season 5.
  6. High Heat, season 1.
  7. The Company, season 1.
  8. Business Proposal, season 1.
  9. Wrong Side of the Tracks, season 1.
  10. Welcome to Eden, season 1.

Most viewed movies on Netflix in 2022:

Netflix Movies in English:

  1. The invisible agent ( The gray man in Latin America).
  2. The Adam Project.
  3. Wounded hearts.
  4. claiw.
  5. The Tinder scammer.
  6. The sea monster ( Monster of the sea in Spanish America).
  7. Enola Holmes2.
  8. Senior Year.
  9. The Man from Toronto.
  10. Day shift.

Foreign Netflix Movies

  1. Troll.
  2. No news at the front.
  3. Black Crab.
  4. Through my window.
  5. Incompatible 2.
  6. Adult love.
  7. Carter.
  8. My name is Vengeance.
  9. No breath.
  10. furious.


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