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Model who accused Jackky Bhagnani of rape received death threats

Model who accused Jackky; A model named Aparna lodged an FIR at Bandra Police Station, naming 9 Bollywood industry stars who raped and

By Ground Report
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Model who accused Jackky Bhagnani of rape received death threats

Ground Report | New Delhi: Model who accused Jackky; A model named Aparna lodged an FIR at Bandra Police Station, naming 9 Bollywood industry stars who raped and molested her. The list included Jackky Bhagnani, photographer Colston Julian, Krishna Kumar of T-Series, Nikhil Kamat, Sheel Gupta, Ajit Thakur, Gurjot Singh, Vishnu Induri and Anirban Blah of Kwan Entertainment.

She was hoping that the police would take action against her, but she started receiving death threats (as she claimed) from some fake accounts. In a note on Instagram, Aparna has given information about all the things she is going through. (Model who accused Jackky)

She wrote, "BTW so called "high profile men" are still sending me death threats indirectly on Instagram (via DMs and tags) using violent photos and videos. I blocked hundreds of these fake accounts and reported some because they have clear pictures and words as well as username like @bitchurdead887 @terimaak231 or something @bulletzngunzz or something like that .. my hand is trembling like this .. i told the police about it But they have asked to go to the nearest police station and register another FIR… are running around them to get the first registration done."

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It also says, “Therefore I just wanted to let everyone know that IF ANYTHING UNNATURAL HAPPENS TOO ME BEFORE THE FINAL JUDGMENT COMES OUT AND EVEN AFTER THAT.. the MOB/ men I’ve named, i.e. GURPREET SINGH, SHEEL GUPTA, NIKHIL KAMATH, GURJOT SINGH, AJIT THAKUR, KRISHAN KUMAR, VISHNU INDURI, THE MORANIS (because of their strong affiliation with most of them), COLSTON JULIAN, SUHEL SETH, JACKKY BHAGNANI, ANIRBAN BLAH WILL BE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAME AS I HAVE NO OTHER “ENEMIES” in the world.. who’d like to harm me as bad as these people whom I’ve shown way too much kindness than they ever deserved out of pity (and maybe fear that I don’t have anymore.

In an Instagram post on April 12, Aparna revealed how she was physically and emotionally abused by Julian Colston during a work assignment.

She said, "(Colston said) you have a lot of potential! You will do better in the Indian market and also internationally like New York and Miami.. Because you have boobs.. not London. They like stick figures." I like your body type and you also have face and an attractive personality, I meet most models who are like dead.. Let me shoot some pictures of you and put them in some magazines. .and I can even see you doing this kind of business work that I do".

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She further said how the photographer manipulated her into believing that he could make her a model. ".. but you're a great model. Fake and pushy (LIKE I AM) and you live too far .. let me work on you! I'm sure you'll be a big hit here! ..f*ck yours agency I can make you a model .. let's watch a movie and talk about this, don't worry I see enough naked women around me I won't touch you, take it easy…”

Apirnah insists that Julian Colston sexually assaulted several women in the same way but that everyone is afraid to speak out against him. "Forget the physical assault, the mental and psychological trauma she has suffered over the years? Mother f*cker blocked me long ago and never posted any pictures of me, let alone them in any magazine So I thought maybe it's time to appreciate their "T" and all that. (Model who accused Jackky)

The 28-year-old model concluded, "I had to stop attending fashion events and parties… because he would approach me, harass, and tell me not to talk to this guy… believe me at some point." Not happening. There was respect for him. Now I could see him getting crushed by the truck and I didn't feel bad because he deserves it. I have all the evidence and messages and emails. A little late for me But I'm trying to save the next girl." She had shared photos where Julian Colston could be seen naked in her room.

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