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Pakistani hackers targeted India’s power sector, govt organisation

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistani hackers targeted India’s; In the age of the Internet, enemy countries are trying to harm each other by breaking into each other’s digital space. A new report by Black Lotus Lab has revealed that hackers from Pakistan tried to damage the power sector and the infrastructure of a government organization in India this year.

Pakistani hackers targeted India’s power sector

The Threat Intelligence arm of the US-based company Lumen Technology has told in its report that hackers took the help of new malware for this. The report states that Pakistani hackers installed a new type of Remote Access Trojan (RAT) program in the victim’s system.

With the help of this program, apart from keeping an eye on the victim’s computer, their data can be accessed. The hackers took the help of fake domain URLs used in India for the attack. However, the data on the damage caused due to the attack has not been revealed.

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Speaking to India Today TV, Michelle Benjamin, Vice President, Lumen Technologies – Black Lotus Labs said, “We got several clues as to how the campaign was being run and later we came to the conclusion that the hackers running it are from Pakistan. I was present.”

“From the network telemetry and network visibility we have with us, we have come to know that the hackers were focused on Indian power companies and a government organization,” he said. Benjamin told that the attack on India’s power companies was dangerous, although the damage done in them has not been revealed. (Pakistani hackers targeted India’s)

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Attackers got access to the IT networks of power companies

“With the help of the RAT program, attackers got access to the IT networks of power companies, but it is not clear whether these Operations Technology (OT) networks were being used for power operations, or whether or not these networks were being used for power operations,” he said. How many networks were affected by the attacks?

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The hackers who carried out cyberattacks were present in Pakistan and were using the infrastructure there. The attackers used PDF communication related to the Covid-19 vaccination to reach the devices.

According to Benjamin, “The IP address obtained from the hacker group is linked to the Pakistani mobile data operator CMPAK Limited, which is known in Pakistan as Zong 4G. This mobile operator is 100% owned by China Mobile Communications Corporation.”
According to Benjamin, this year’s attack has no similarities to the attacks done by Chinese hackers.

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