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Home ยป Why Anti Hindu Unacademy is trending?

Why Anti Hindu Unacademy is trending?

Why Anti Hindu Unacademy is trending?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Anti Hindu Unacademy is trending; Online education technology platform Unacademy has sparked many controversies after a question paper on the Indian Penal Code (IPC) went viral on social media platforms.

Why Anti Hindu Unacademy is trending?

A question read: โ€œIn a city named X, a group of Muslim people were carrying out their rally on the occasion of Eid. They were chanting their slogans and were celebrating their festivals. When they were passing through the streets of a Hindu dominated colony, the Hindus of the area started pelting stones at them and claimed that they outraged the religious feelings of Hindus. Is the claim correct?โ€

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Twitter user wrote “@unacademy You too became the part of this agenda of defaming Hindus… Now you are brainwashing students, i mean really, it doesn’t matter for you that how badly it will affect their mind.

Another user wrote “Oh! Unacademy It’s Actually The Reverse For Recent Visuals Just See The Situations Of Bangladesh. Where 5 Hindus Were Killed, With Homes Ransacked & Women Harrased! No Hindus Are Ever Interested To Pelt Stones.”

Journalist Swati Goel Sharma wrote ”Confirmed from @PrakharBansal14 that @unacademy indeed put out this question in an online assignment on IPC. They have now removed it Question says Muslims are carrying out a โ€œrally on Eidโ€ (rally on Eid, really?) and Hindus pelted stones on the rally as it hurt their feelings!


Online education technology platform Unacademy later issued an apology, Unacademy’s statement reads โ€œThe test paper has been withdrawn from the platform with immediate effect. In addition, future test papers will be scrutinized and amended in accordance with our policies to ensure it is religion, community and race agnostic,”

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The forum further claimed that the question paper was prepared by a third party. Whether it is true or not, a Hinduphobic question was published and it was not taken up until netizens created an uproar. Thus Unacademy was simply trying to save itself from controversy.

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