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Manipal Suitcase Memes: When they opened suitcase, his girlfriend popped out

Manipal Suitcase Memes: The boy who studies at the Manipal Institute of Technology resides in Block 5, girl resides in a hostel in Block 13.

By Pallav Jain
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manipal hostel suitcase case memes

Manipal Suitcase Memes: The boy who studies at the Manipal Institute of Technology resides in Block 5, while the girl who studies at a commerce institute in the Manipal campus resides in a hostel in Block 13. Due to omicron outsiders are not allowed in the hostel. However, the boy wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend and devised a plan to take her to his hostel room in his suitcase but he caught Red handed.

Actually an engineering student at the Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka’s Udupi was caught trying to sneak his girlfriend into his hostel by stuffing her into a large suitcase on Wednesday, February 2.

The caretaker asked why he is carrying such a huge piece of luggage? Boy seemed suspicious. When the security staff frisked the boy and asked him to open the suitcase as he was reluctant. When he opened it finally, his girlfriend popped out. Fortunately, the girl was conscious and did not require any medical aid.

The student who was a witness to the incident added that the girl was curled up in the suitcase; she is also a student of the college. The student also said that she is a dancer which might have helped her fit inside the suitcase with ease. The student clarified that a video of the alleged incident that was trending on social media is from an older unrelated incident. 

This video is not of this incident

According to the ToI report, the students have been suspended from the hostel and they have returned to their homes.

Manipal Suitcase Memes: People on Social Media enjoying this incident

After the incident, several memes have cropped up on social media. Even Zomato takes a dig-

People are taking a lot of fun from this incident on social media. Some are congratulating on this feat of Manipal student, while some are making a meme and telling such tricks to be common on the coming Valentine's Day. However, it was fortunate that nothing happened to the suitcase girl.

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