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LGBT community accused Tripura police of harassment

LGBT community accused Tripura; A case of alleged harassment of four members of the LGBT community has come to light in a police station

By Ground report
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LGBT community accused Tripura police of harassment

Ground Report | New Delhi: LGBT community accused Tripura; A case of alleged harassment of four members of the LGBT community has come to light in a police station in Agartala, the capital of Tripura. An LGBT community filed an FIR against a government-accredited photojournalist and law enforcement personnel.

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LGBT community accused Tripura police

It is alleged that people from the LGBT community were forced to undress in public to reveal their gender identity at the women's police station and then, half-dressed, were taken to the nearby men's police station where the police kept them overnight in the police station. Police station. cold winter night. kept at the police station.

It is also alleged that during this time these individuals were not allowed to contact their family or any friends.

According to the FIR presented by one of the allegedly harassed members of the LGBT community, the incident took place last Saturday when the four trans friends were leaving a private hotel in Agartala, and suddenly a government-accredited photojournalist who was allegedly following since the hotel itself had been caught by the police.

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Mohini, a member of the group that made the allegation, said, "The whole matter started when a man started molesting her in a bar on Saturday night. This person, who claims to be a press reporter, was forcing her without her consent.

"The photojournalist along with some police officers accused us of our dress code and began to mentally harass us and make fun of our character and dress code in the name of gender identification," stated the FIR registered at the police station West Agartala.

Hurtful incident

Mohini said: “Then we realized that this person who claimed to be the reporter, tried to touch us and forcibly wanted to dance with us inside the hotel. The reporter followed us from the dance floor and made fun of us without worrying. We didn't entertain him, but he followed us with the cops and caught us in the Melarmath area. "

Mohini said, "When we were returning home, that reporter came with the police and started saying that these people are boys and are working as bar dancers by dressing like girls. We denied it."

According to the complaint, the four LGBT members were taken to West Agartala Women PS on Saturday night, where they were allegedly once again harassed by police officers, both men and women. "At the police station, the police asked us to open our dress and reveal our gender and the most embarrassing and hurtful incident was that the police kept our wigs and underwear at the station," he said.

“The police officers also forced us to write a statement that we will never wear wrap dresses or cross make-up and if they find us in this outfit anywhere in the city, they could arrest us. Unfortunately, they charged us without any legal consent or proof that we are involved in extortion, which is a completely false statement, ”the FIR also stated.

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