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'Pads now, condoms later?' IAS Harjot logic to moral police school girls

Harjot Kaur Bamhrah; A Bihar woman IAS officer and Women and Child Development Corporation, MD Harjot Kaur Bamhrah,

By Ground report
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Go to Pakistan': Bihar IAS officer to girl students over sanitary pads request

A Bihar woman IAS officer and Women and Child Development Corporation, MD Harjot Kaur Bamhrah, gave a shocking response to a girl when the latter asked about free sanitary pads from the government. The incident took place on Tuesday at a workshop on "Sashakt Beti, Samriddh Bihar".

“Can the government give sanitary pads?” the student asked, to which the IAS officer, Harjot Kaur Bhamra, replied: “Tomorrow you will say that the government can also give jeans. And why not some nice shoes after that? And eventually, at the time of family planning, you will expect government to provide Nirodh too,” Ms. Bamhrah replies in the video.

Harjot Kaur Bamhrah

When another student tells Ms. Bamhrah about the broken bathroom door at her school, which children could enter, the officer asks in a cold voice, “Tell me, do you have separate bathrooms in your house for men and women? ? If you keep ordering many things in different places, how will it work?

When the student reminded him that the people's votes make the government, the officer said, “This is the height of stupidity. So don't vote. Go to Pakistan. Do you vote for money and services?

That student replied that she is Indian and why would she go to Pakistan. "The government provides facilities with taxpayers' money. If taxpayers pay taxes to the government, why wouldn't they demand the services?" she asked.

Who is Harjot Kaur Bamhrah

Harjot Kaur Bamhrah is the Director General of the Women's Development Corporation of the Government of Bihar. She has also held positions as Principal Secretary, Department of Mines and Geology. Previously, she also held positions as Principal Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology. She is from the IAS 1992 batch chart.


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