Karnataka hijab issue: High court adjourns hearing to February 14

Ground Report | New Delhi: Karnataka hijab issue; A three-judge tribunal of the Karnataka High Court has started hearing the petition filed against the ban on wearing hijab for female students. After hearing opening arguments on Thursday, the court said a further hearing will now take place next Monday.

The Karnataka high court that heard the hijab issue on Thursday asked students not to insist on wearing clothes on the campuses of educational institutions that may instigate people until the matter is resolved. Posting the matter for Monday, the full court also said that educational institutions can resume classes for students.

At the same time, the Karnataka High Court ordered the students not to wear clothing that could provoke people, be it hijab or saffron-coloured cloth, until the matter is resolved.

Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court had rejected a sentence to urgently transfer cases from the high court to the high court. The state cabinet also decided on Wednesday to wait for the court’s verdict before making a decision on the issue.

Meanwhile, Bangalore Police Commissioner Kamal Pant has issued prohibition orders under Article 144 PCRC against any gathering, agitation or protest of any kind within the 200-meter radius from the gates of the schools, pre-university colleges, grade schools. universities or other similar educational institutions in the city of Bengaluru for a period of two weeks from Wednesday to February 22.

In Karnataka’s Udupi district, female students started a protest against a hijab ban at a university. Udupi is one of the districts in Karnataka that are communally sensitive.

The university said it did not prevent female students from wearing hijabs on campus but only required them to remove their hijabs in the classroom. But the protesting students had a different opinion. They say that they should be allowed to wear hijab even inside the class.

The students have filed a petition in the High Court to be prevented from wearing the hijab. They say that wearing hijab is their constitutional right. So they can’t be stopped from this.

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