“When Will We Wake Up?” Kapil Sibal After Sachin Pilot Shows Dissent

The recent collapse of the government in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh is now threatening Congress. First Scindia and now Sachin Pilot. The constant exit of MLAs shows a growing dissent within the party.

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This has infuriated lawyer-MP, Kapil Sibal. In a tweet on Sunday, Kapil Sibal expressed his disappointment with his party.

Kapil Sibal’s tweet comes after Sachin Pilot, Deputy CM of Rajasthan, stated: “Gehlot government is in minority”. He claimed to have support from 30 Congress and other independent MLAs. This came after Pilot was served with a notice to record statement, in regard of alleged attempt to topple the Congress govt. Before this, he had also raised issues regarding Gehlot’s functioning with Avinash Pandey, Party’s State In-charge. But his issues were not considered.

Infuriated by the constant exit of young members from the party, Kapil Sibal expressed his anger in his tweet. His tweet is a clear reflection of the problems going on in Congress. It is believed that the issues have increased after Rahul Gandhi stepped down as Congress Chief. Though, many party members are independently playing their role as opposition. Congress, however as a party has hardly seen any organisational work since its defeat.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, who recently left Congress to join BJP went on to support Sachin Pilot. “Talent and capability find little credence in the Congress Party”, he tweeted.

Present status of leadership in Rajasthan, and numbers with Sachin Pilot

In Rajasthan, out of a 200 member assembly, Congress has support from 125 MLAs. Including 107 of its legislatures. The BJP at present has 72 legislatures. But if Sachin Pilot and his associates decide to move on, then the government can easily collapse.

Following Pilot’s statement, CM Ashok Gehlot did a brief press conference at 2:30 a.m. on Monday. Therein he claimed to have support from a total of 109 MLAs, which shows a majority. However, everyone from the party is expected to be present for the CLP meeting today. It is only after the meeting that the status of Congress leadership would be clear.

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