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BJP attempts to topple my govt, offering 10-15 crore to MLAs, said Gehlot

In a press conference on Saturday, Rajasthan CM, Ashok Gehlot, accused BJP of its attempt to topple the government. “BJP is trying to topple the government by offering 15 crores to MLAs”, Gehlot said.

Ashok Gehlot, in his press conference, continued to hit at the opposition party by calling it ‘shameless’. He stated, that even though during a crisis when the state govt. is working day and night for the people, the opposition party (BJP) has been creating problems. 

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In Rajasthan, Congress holds a total of 107 seats and has support from 12 independent candidates. Also, 5 MLAs from other parties support the Congress-led government. Last week, during the rising suspicions of a conspiracy by BJP to topple the state govt, Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip, Mahesh Joshi and Mahendra Chaudhary, issued a statement on behalf of 24 MLAs that indicated their loyalty and support for the Gehlot govt.

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Recently in March, we saw how the Congress-led government fell in Madhya Pradesh. With Jyotiraditya Scindia and his associates quitting Congress and moving to BJP, Congress was left with only 92 MLAs as compared to the 106 of BJP. Therefore, CM Kamal Nath resigned. But this was not the only case when BJP rose to power while defying the mandate of the public.

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Last year, the same thing happened in Karnataka, when the Congress-JDS coalition was beaten by BJP. We all witnessed the high-drama around the Karnataka floor test. In both these cases, Congress accused BJP of buying its MLAs.

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As we saw in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and even many North-Eastern states, BJP has been defying the public mandate and has continued to topple the government through other means. This time again, Rajasthan CM’s accusations have bought BJP to the centre of this issue. All this makes us think about the way BJP has tried to gain power at the state level. We tend to question whether this is going to be the new norm, to ignore the public mandate and form the government.

Written By Shiwangi, She is doing her Masters in Mass Communication from GGS IP University, New Delhi.

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