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FIFA World Cup: Jio Cinema ruined 1st match for Indian viewers

Jio Cinema Glitches: JPeople have only one option to watch FIFA World Cup in India, which is Jio Cinema and sports 18.

By Pallav Jain
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JIO Cinema glitches

Jio Cinema Glitches: People have only one option to watch FIFA World Cup in India, which is Jio Cinema and sports 18. People thought that when Reliance got the rights to show the FIFA World Cup, it would probably be shown on the Voot app. People also took a Voot subscription of Rs.600. But Reliance has decided to show the FIFA Cup for free on its newly launched OTT platform Jio Cinema. But when the telecast of the match started today, the viewers had to face many problems on Jio Cinema, after which the viewers on social media started sharing the problems they were facing with Jio Cinema.

Jio Cinema FIFA World Cup Telecast glitches

The streaming of the match stopped for a long time on Jio Cinema. Even if it went on for a while, a lot of glitches started appearing. Today, during the Qatar-Ecuador match, the Indian audience witnessed long buffering, which completely destroyed the excitement of the match.

It seemed as if Jio Cinema was not tested beforehand or Jio Cinema's streaming server was not able to handle so many viewers.

Not one or two, but all the Indian viewers faced this problem. There was a lot of long buffering happening even on good internet.

Later at 8:52 PM Jio Cinema asked to update the app

See how people have a complaint about Jio Cinema on social media

#JioCinema#FIFAWorldCup immediately take away rights from jio to disneyhotstar or voot ...horrible experience ...ruining football world cup for fans all over


Rs 600 for a #Voot subscription, only for the service to de-list the tournament after showing its listings for months. Meanwhile, #JioCinema has the most horrible live telecast experience ever. Am I the only one who feels cheated?



@elonmusk can you buy #JioCinema and fire the guys who ruined our fifa world cup opening ceremony.


Hi @FIFAcom @FIFAWorldCup Can you please give the streaming/broadcasting rights to someone else than @JioCinema Feels like i am watching the WC on an illegal stream with all the lag and the buffering! #JioCinema


I would still pay and watch on any other platform, just please take these telecast rights from #JioCinema Can't take this shit anymore


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