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Israel-Gaza conflict: What is Israel’s defense system, Iron Dome?

Dome defense system has a success rate of about 90 percent

Ground Report | New Delhi: In recent tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, the Israeli military claims that Hamas has fired 1,500 rockets at Israel, but most of them have been destroyed by the Iron Dome in the air.

Israeli officials say the Iron Dome defense system has a success rate of about 90 percent.

How does the Iron Dome work?

The Iron Dome is one of several multimillion-dollar anti-missile systems installed in Israel.

The system uses radar to track rockets fired at it and fire interceptor missiles to stop them.

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This technology distinguishes between rockets that are targeting a densely populated area or that will not reach their target. Only rockets that are approaching more populated areas are stopped, which makes the system cheaper.

According to the Times of Israel, each interceptor missile costs 150,000 dollars.

How was it made?

The Iron Dome was founded in 2006 during tensions between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets, causing heavy financial losses in Israel and killing dozens of Israelis.

A year later, Israel’s state defense company, Raphael Advance Systems, announced that it would develop a new anti-missile defense shield system.

After years of research, the system was first tested in combat situations in 2011 when it fired a rocket at the southern city of Beersheba.

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What are its weaknesses?

There is no doubt that the Iron Dome saved the Israelis from many attacks, but it is not completely 100% successful.

Some critics believe that the 90% success rate for rockets fired from Gaza will be difficult to achieve against another enemy in the future.

Jonah Jeremy Bob, the Jerusalem Post’s intelligence editor, says Hezbollah has the ability to fire more rockets in less time, making it harder for the Iron Dome to stop them all.

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