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India-China border dispute: After Pangong Tso, now tension in Nakula also decreased

Pangong Tso near the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh is having an impact on the ongoing tension in Nakula.

By Ground report
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The beginning of the disengagement process in Pangong Tso near the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh is having an impact on the ongoing tension in Nakula. The tension between the Indian and Chinese military here since May 2020, the tension is reducing slightly.

In Nakula, southwest of the hill of Kanchenjunga, tensions between the army of the two countries increased from 9 May 2020 to 20 January 2021, and soldiers of both sides were injured in the incidents here.

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According to the report of Hindustan Times the Narendra Modi government has not said anything yet about the tension in Nakula. But senior Army officials and diplomats have told the newspaper that efforts are being made to end tensions in Nakula like the ongoing disengagement process in Pangong Tso and China is trying to improve relations between the two countries.

A former army chief has told the newspaper that "the speed with which the Chinese army moved from Finger 8 north of Pangong Tso towards east to Sreejap Plain and repelled at least 220 Chinese light tanks from Pangong Tso's south" Yes, it is clear that the army has received orders from top officials in Beijing."

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A senior Indian diplomat told the newspaper that the reason for the withdrawal of the Chinese army is not that it was difficult for him to keep an army there but it is because the relations between the two countries are deteriorating due to tension.

He says that "China has made a lot of efforts to improve mutual relations after the war in 1962, but this was hampered by tensions that began in May. Perhaps the disengagement process is part of reinvigorating mutual relations between the two countries."

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According to senior army officials, on February 10, after agreeing to start the disengagement process in Pangong Tso, Indian Army commanders raised the issue of tensions in Nakula and deteriorating relations between the two countries.

A battalion commander had offered to speak to his counterpart in the Indian Army at Nakula to prove Chinese military commitment to the disengagement process, saying that there would be no breach of border from China.

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