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How US intelligence is helping Ukraine to kill Russian generals?

The New York Times claims that US intelligence is involved in the deaths of several Russian generals during the war in Ukraine.

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Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine: UN investigators

The New York Times claims that US intelligence is involved in the deaths of several Russian generals during the war in Ukraine. The New York Times reported that senior US officials said Washington had provided Ukraine with details about Russia's possible military relocations, their location and other details about Russia's mobile military headquarters. Along with his reconnaissance, he carried out shelling and other attacks on Russian targets, killing several Russian officers.

According to the New York Times, Ukrainian officials say they killed at least 12 Russian generals on the battlefield. However, the newspaper reports that US officials have refused to say how many generals have been killed in US intelligence. Aiding the Russians is part of the Biden administration's secret mission to provide Ukraine with intelligence on the battlefield.

U.S. officials interviewed for the article spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was passed on to Ukraine.

The Biden administration also tried to keep most of the intelligence on the battlefield secret, fearing that it could provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin to full-scale war.

U.S. officials have not commented on how they obtained information about Russia's military headquarters, as it could jeopardize U.S. intelligence. But it is clear that throughout the war, US intelligence services used a variety of means to track the movements of Russian troops, including the use of secret and commercial satellites.

Defense Minister Lloyd J. Austin said last month: "We want to see Russia weak enough to refrain from actions such as invading Ukraine."

"We will not discuss the details of this information," Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby said of the intelligence provided to Ukraine. But he acknowledged that the United States is providing Ukraine with information and intelligence that it can use to protect itself.

Reuters contacted the Pentagon and the White House to comment on the newspaper's report but did not receive an immediate response.

On the other hand, Russia has conducted simulated exercises of nuclear missile strikes. Russia said on Wednesday that its forces were testing missiles with an artificial nuclear capability in the western enclave of the Kaliningrad region during Moscow's military campaign in Ukraine, AFP reports.

This was announced on the 70th day of Moscow's military operation in Ukraine, where thousands of people were killed and more than 13 million were displaced during Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has covertly threatened after the February invasion of Ukraine, and recent exercises have shown Russia's deployment of tactical nuclear weapons.

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