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Gyanvapi survey report: Key findings that suggest temple existence in past

Gyanvapi Survey reports key findings that suggests evidence of a temple existence in past at the Gyanvapi mosque site.

By Pallav Jain
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Two reports of the survey of Gyanvapi mosque of Varanasi were filed in the district court. Both these reports were given in closed envelopes. But after a few hours, they leaked to the media. According to these survey reports, there is evidence of a temple in the Gyanvapi mosque.

It is well known that the mosque was built at that site by demolishing the temple, and there are many mosques where such constructions were done during the Mughal period. But under the Places of Worship Act, a provision has been made by law to keep the status quo of all the historical heritage after India's independence. Despite this, the district court allowed the survey to be conducted in the mosque. Let's take a look at the evidence that is being claimed to be found in this survey.

Gyanvapi First Survey Report

  • No hole has been found in the Shivling found in Gyanvapi, which the Muslim side described as a fountain.
  • A separate white stone was placed on top of it.
  • The central dome is built on top of a Shikhar-like structure.
  • In a pillar, something has been engraved in 7 lines in Hindi.
  • Some Hindu symbols have also been found on the basement wall.
  • Elephant trunk, trident, paan, and bells are made inside the mosque.
  • There is a swastika in the southern pillar.
  • There are three damru signs near the first door.

This claim has been made in the first survey report.

Now look at the evidence found in the second Gyanvapi survey report

  • Religious signs are present on the back wall of the mosque with the symbol of Sheshnag, a lotus.
  • From the north to the west side of the wall, there is an embossed work of sindoor color on the slab.
  • There are four deities on the rock plate, in which the fourth figure looks like an idol.
    A thick paste of vermilion is also applied to it.

All this has been claimed in the survey report of Gyanvapi Masjid conducted by Varanasi Court. This was ordered by the court. The survey was conducted between May 6-7 and May 14-16.

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