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Home » George W Bush accepts invasion of Iraq was brutal, barbaric and unreasonable

George W Bush accepts invasion of Iraq was brutal, barbaric and unreasonable

George W Bush confuses invasion of Ukraine for Iraq

Former US President George W Bush slipped his tongue while discussing Russia’s attack on Ukraine and mistakenly termed the “attack on Iraq” as “barbaric” and “unreasonable”.

The incident took place on Wednesday in the US city of Dallas where George W Bush was talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin. But what came out of his mouth was, “One man’s decision to launch a barbaric and unwarranted attack on Iraq…”

While he was talking about Ukraine, not Iraq. He soon corrected it, smiled a little and then said that it was because of his age.

“On the contrary, the Russian elections were rigged. Imprisoned or not imprisoned political opponents are excluded from participation in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia,” the former president said in his speech.

“And one man’s decision to launch a totally unwarranted and brutal invasion of Iraq… I mean Ukraine,” he added, before laughing and blaming his age for the misstep.

He shrugged and said “Iraq too” under his breath. “Anyway. I’m 75 years old,” the Republican leader added as the crowd erupted in laughter.

Then the Bush administration claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. However, it was later proved that these claims were false.

In his ten-minute speech, apparently quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush once said: “One man’s decision to invade Iraq as a whole is unjustified and cruel.”

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However, George W. Bush immediately realized his mistake and the next moment he said: “I mean Ukraine.” The attendees are seen laughing out loud in the video, in which George W. Bush said, “I’m 75 years old.”

Many people on social media have called the slippery slope ‘Frieden slip’. Freudian slip is a psychological term in which a person wants to hide something but the truth hidden in the subconscious unconsciously comes on his tongue.

It should be noted that in 2003, the United States invaded Iraq under President Bush, causing widespread destruction. Most analysts believe the attack was justified.

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