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France says thanks to India for support

France thanked India for its support. France's Ambassador to India Emmanuel Leinen said two countries are together against terrorism.

By Ground Report
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France says thanks to India for support

Ground Report| News Desk| France has thanked India for its support. France's Ambassador to India Emmanuel Leinen said that the two countries have stood together against terrorism.

Protests are taking place in several Islamic countries against French President Emmanuel Macron. The governments here are also attacking President Macron. In such a situation, India has supported France and said that the personal attack on Emmanuel Macron is a violation of the basic principle of international relations.

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India's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying that the manner in which the French teacher was killed is going to surprise the whole world. India strongly condemns this. India also paid tribute to the French teacher. India said that terrorism cannot be justified by any logic.

Other French politicians and political activists joined in thanking Indian for supporting France.

On the other hand, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the Islamic countries around the world to come together against the alleged Islamophobia amidst the growing controversy over France. Imran Khan had issued a letter on October 28 regarding this. Imran Khan has said that the time has come that Islamic countries around the world should fight together on this issue.

The resolution was also passed against France in the National Assembly of Pakistan. Protests are also taking place in Bangladesh. French President Emmanuel Macron supported the cartoon printed on the Prophet Mohammed in the satirical French magazine Charley Hebdo. Since then, he has been on the target of Islamic countries.

The manner in which Turkish President is speaking about Macron and France, similarly Pakistani PM Imran Khan is also vocal. Imran Khan has linked this matter to Islamophobia and said that Muslim countries around the world should unite to fight it. On the other hand, the Arduans are appealing for a boycott of French goods.

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