Toll Plaza Capturing On 12 And Bharat Bandh On 14 December, Farmers To Intensify Protest

Bharat Bandh of 8th December has established beyond reservation the all-India footstep of the successful farmers’ protests according to many. In the ensuing chain of events, after considering the new draft offer sent to them fresh in the day by the Central government. Heads of the 13 farmer associations opposing in New Delhi against India’s brand-new farm laws have discarded the government’s freshest offer. They state that it is all or nothing — the three latest laws need to be revoked unconditionally. Now the Framers’ unions after rejecting the govt proposal called for Bharat Bandh on 14 december. This Bandh will be a nationwide strike including blocking roads and capturing toll plaza on 12th of december.

Central government ready to continue talks with farmers

They said they were scorning the offers but kept the gateway open for further negotiations if the administration advances different proposal. The farmer batons have declined the proffered amendments hinted in the ‘provocative’ farm bills by the Central Government.

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As farmers stay to protest at multiple borders of Delhi, asking the withdrawal of three farm laws, the Centre has offered to provide a “written support” that the existent Minimum Support Price (MSP) management for the acquisition will remain.

The Centre further offered to make needed revisions on at least seven subjects, including one to ease concerns regarding the weakening of the mandi system.

Stone pelting on BJP President JP Nadda’s convoy

In a blueprint offer sent to 13 upset farmer unions, the Central Government additionally announced it is willing to accommodate all required explanations on their anxieties about the new farm laws passed in September, but it did not state anything on the main request of opposing farmers for the revocation of the bills.

At a press gathering, the farmer heads declared to raise their agitation and warned to block all streets in the capital. The farmers have likewise announced that the Delhi-Agra highway and Delhi-Jaipur would be obstructed by 12 December. “We will block Delhi-Jaipur highway by 12th December,” the farmer leads at Singhu border told.

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Delhi ‘gherao’ plan

On December 12, each toll plaza countrywide will be freed. “No tax to be given on the date at any toll in the nation,” farmer lead Darshan Pal stated. Farmer organisations announced they have chosen to lay siege to BJP buildings crosswise the nation on December 14. Bharat Bandh on 14 December is a call to intensify the protest.

14 days have passed by after farmers landed at the outpost of the national capital, New Delhi, to object the new farm legislation. And, no breakthroughs are in the scene, besides the farmer unions collectively discarding the government’s newest offer.

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