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Explained: Why #StopPrivatizingIndia trending on twitter?

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When privatization questions were raised during the previous UPA government, the BJP strongly opposed the Manmohan Singh government’s policy

Ground Report | New Delhi: Activist Hansraj Meena again slammed PM Modi’s government on social media platform Twitter with #StopPrivatizingIndia. Hansraj tweeted with #StopPrivatizingIndia and told the government to stop privatization in the country. He said that privatization would lead to social injustice and SC, ST, OBC sections would be denied reservation.

Privatization and disinvestment of government companies is taking place on a large scale in the country. At present, 49.5 percent of reserved category people are in jobs. But after privatization, the politics has started regarding what the situation will be. The question is arising whether thousands of jobs for SC, ST and OBC will end.

The number of government jobs has decreased since 2013, the central government is going to sell 23 companies this year. Approval has been given for this. According to the Public Enterprises Survey of 2019, there were 348 government companies in India which have come down to around 2 dozen today. In the year 2013, 32 lakh 78 thousand reserved category people were in jobs which decreased to 13 lakh in 2017.

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The government does not have a database, there are 92 thousand backlogs in Bihar. But since 2007, the government has no database. The government has not conducted any survey regarding the reserved posts. Only 5.6% have got the benefit of reservation in promotion against 16.5% in Bihar. The dropout of reserved category children is also increasing continuously. 22% in the field of higher education where there is dropout. There is a 52.65% dropout at the middle school level. There is a provision of 49.5% reservation in Bihar and in addition there is a provision for reservation for the economically weaker 10%.

In another tweet, Hansraj Meena said that, privatization is a means to abolish reservation. Neither government job nor reservation. So save the Constitution, save India. #StopPrivatizingIndia

The decision of the government will affect the people of Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes. Many organizations across the country have raised questions about this. 

Now there is a question as to whether the PMO was not sensitive before that privatization would hurt the interests of the reserved classes. Is Prime Minister Modi really ignorant of these things? When privatization questions were raised during the previous UPA government, the BJP strongly opposed the Manmohan Singh government’s policy. Then after coming to the government, how did the Prime Minister of BJP himself forget such an important subject? The situation is extremely worrying for communities standing on the margins of society. Reservation will end after privatization. 

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Reservation in current conditions

If we look at the decreasing number of jobs, privatization of the government sector and the neglect of reservation in the bureaucratic lateral entry, then it can be said that the reservation is actually reaching such a situation, there will not be much difference between it happening or not. It is also more worrisome because the government itself believes that people belonging to disadvantaged groups in high positions of bureaucracy are very less. Personnel and training in the previous government as a matter In 2017, the Minister of the Department Jitendra Singh had informed that out of the total 747 posts of Director and above in the Central Government, SC officers are only 60 and ST officers are only 24.

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