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Why #ExpelUSA is trending on Twitter?

#ExpelUSA is trending on Twitter. The reason for this is the use of the wrong flag of Iran on the official social media accounts

By Pallav Jain
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expelusa is trending

#ExpelUSA is trending on Twitter. The reason for this is the use of the wrong flag of Iran on the official social media accounts by the US Football Federation. The flag used by the US in the graphics and banner has no national emblem in the centre. This symbol represents the Islamic Republic which has religious significance. The people of Iran are angry with the insult of their National flag by the US and are demanding strict action.

What is Islamic Republic Emblem of Iran?

Iran original Flag

The Islamic Republic emblem, designed in 1980, has four curves with a sword between them. It represents the Islamic saying: “There is no god but God.” It also resembles a tulip or lotus.

At the top and the bottom of the flag, their is inscriptions of “God is Great” as well, which honors the date on the Persian calendar when the Islamic Revolution took hold.

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What USSF said on the matter?

On this matter, USSF says that "we have taken the decision to remove the National Emblem from the National Flag of Iran to support the Protests happening there. There women are fighting for their basic human rights and the USSF stands in solidarity with them."

The banner posted on the Twitter account of the US men's soccer team shows the green, white and red stripes on the flag of Iran, but is missing the emblem in the middle, which is the sign of the Islamic Republic.

Let us tell you that the US and Iran are considered to be arch enemies of each other, in such a situation, the atmosphere has become more tense due to such political controversy before the football match between the teams of both the countries.

Although the US Football Federation removed the controversial flags from social media shortly afterwards, it has sparked a new controversy and calls for action from Iran on social media.

Not only has there been a strong reaction from the Iranian government on this matter, users on social media are also demanding the US to be expelled from the FIFA Cup.

See some comments

According to the first clause of the 13th chapter of the FIFA statute, the official account of the US national football team has officially insulted the nationality, religion of Iranians by manipulating the flag of Iran so should be fined. #ExpelUSA


The official page of the American football team put the holy flag of our beloved Iran in its original form and proved once again that America can do But we are still waiting for a decisive action against this illegal act


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