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EXO’s CHEN is back with his Angelic Voice in his recent OST ‘An Unfamiliar Day’

EXO CHEN; EXO’s Chen is back with his angelic and soothing voice. The singer is the main vocalist of the group. EXO is one of the largest

By aakriti verma
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exo chen new OST

EXO’s Chen is back with his angelic and soothing voice. The singer is the main vocalist of the group. EXO is one of the largest K-pop Bands in South Korea. The group is said to have it all, be it ultimate vocals, charismatic dancers, absolutely amazing rappers, and overflowing visuals. Debuted back in 2012, the group has been through thick and thin and has been standing strong all the time. They are also known as Jack of All Trades, whether it be sweeping awards, acting, singing dancing, modeling, or endorsing high-end fashion brands to being the idol of idols and super cool seniors.  

The members started with their solo projects long back, and ‘Chen’ released his first original soundtrack (OST) ‘Best Luck’ for the K-Drama ‘It’s okay that’s love’ back in 2014. He is known for his angelic voice, his voice could take you through an emotional roller coaster journey. The singer is known for his versatile singing style as well as his voice stability and control. His voice is of gold and the moment he starts singing he adds colors to the lives of people. 

The South Korean Singer enlisted back in October 2020 and got discharged in April 2022 after completing his mandatory military service in the Republic of Korea’s Army. The singer is often regarded as the ‘OST King’, ‘Ballad King’, and ‘Nation’s Vocalist. 

A few days back even before the announcement, a verse of his ost played in the radio show promotions for ‘Doctor Lawyer. The fans couldn’t get enough of it and they were overwhelmed by the fact that their OST King is back. The soundtrack ‘An Unfamiliar Day ’ for the K-Drama Doctor Lawyer is an emotional ballad that is all about trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His melodious voice expresses the situation and the emotions of the main characters played by So Ji-Sub and Im Soo-Hyang. 

Chen’s voice has always been known as a hidden voice in K-Dramas that turns everything into gold. As said by King Midas, about the Golden Touch or the Midas Touch, similarly Chen’s voice is ‘That’ golden touch. Here is the Verse and Pre-chorus of ‘An Unfamiliar Day’ by Chen for Doctor Lawyer < Credits : Genius.com >

How far do I have to go to see the light?

How much longer do I have to go before it ends?

My endless steps

Stop on this road and ask

When will I be able to do it?

Can I dream of a normal life?

It's just a vain wish

That I pray to the sky 

In conversation with the Fans

The fans are dancing with Joy and celebrating the comeback of their Sunshine, Chen a.k.a Kim Jong dae often called as King Jong dae. The fans couldn’t be less proud of him and thankful for his endless and immeasurable efforts and his enlightening smile.

“It's like the long-awaited rain on a burning summer”, Says Muskan. Meanwhile, Khushboo considers it as sunshine “It's like that first ray of sunlight when the Eclipse starts to wane and forms the diamond ring”. 

Srijita, Another fan says “Honestly even after his military enlistment was over we didn't get to see him yet so I was sad but then seeing him booked and busy and thriving after a long time that we waited I'm so happy for him and for myself because the legendary Kpop singer is back in business. Can't wait to hear him again”.

Meanwhile, Another fan says that she could write endless letters to Chen and overwhelm with joy over the fact that the singer is back now. But she has to short them down.  Here is what she says “Hi chen oppa I am so glad to hear your voice again. I hope you are doing good. I wish to see you do more activities solo or with members but I understand if you want to take longer breaks and have time with your family. I heard your new ost. It's amazing. So glad to have you back with us. Hopefully, the darkness has passed and we can see you shine the brightest. To our exo angel” - From Inexol_26

Meanwhile, Jahnavi says “I don’t know how i felt after listening to chen’s voice after so long, the feeling is hard to express and the tears are rolling down my eyes continuously, The long long long wait is finally over and his voice is a blessing. Excited and Grateful that the OST KING is back I, infact we all waited so so long for him so long, this ost was like life saviour to my pain. it felt so good his voice it felt like I can finally breathe. Chen made sure to end this drought with a Masterpiece”

Nirali on the other hand says, Listening to his voice after so long feels like the perfect it could ever be after a long and tiring day. Just like the first rain satisfies the soil its the same way she is feeling refreshed after listening to his angelic and soothing voice. She is looking forward to his upcoming schedules with all the love and patience , “Now All I do, All i doo, is wait”. 

Kashish says, “As 'THE' CHEN  has released his OST after serving in military for 2 years , it feels like he is talking with us through that ost. When the things were not going good for others his voice , he itself came to fix everything with his soothing voice to make everyone's heart calm. His song are Melodic and soulful, his songs made me weep. It was too beautiful to meet him through songs. This is the only thing I will never ever regret in my whole life . Hope we can meet like this more in future and make peace in world by being one. 



Kamakshi, A Hallyuism Member says ,“It's good to Chen after so long. I have been totally mesmerized by his sweet voice again. I will start the drama now thanks to his ost”. 

The fans are dancing and romancing altogether. It’s all chen’s magic that makes all of us excited as well as teary-eyed. We all look upto chen and admire him for balancing his life so well. His voice is as sweet as honey and heart-touching as well, the moment you start listening to his voice it brings immense joy to your face. 

So What are you waiting for, Watch his latest interview, Listen to his soulful song ‘An Unfamiliar Day’ and admire his beautiful voice all along? 

The singer yet again stands true to the honorary titles given to him and proves everytime he is worth it all. You can listen more to his soulful and harmonious voice in his songs. From pitching tremendous high notes inDrop That to emotional ballads such as Beautiful Goodbye, Hello, Shall We and releasing joyful and enlightening songs such as Everytime and Make it Count osts. The singer has aced it all. Furthermore, he is a Dad to two kids, a perfect husband to his wife, a responsible son to his family and an ideal brother to his EXO Brothers. 

Moreover, the singer is all set to calm everyone with his voice as he is all set to perform at a Kpop Festival in London in July and then at SM Town’s Family Concert at Japan in August along with Suho and Kai of EXO as well as the Star studded SM Entertainment Groups such as Shinee, NCT, Aespa and many more.  

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