BTS’ most Beautiful moments are ‘Yet to come with Proof’

Bangtan Sonyeondan, globally known as BTS. The Korean-pop Boy Band has finally made their highly anticipated comeback with the album ‘PROOF’. Debuted back in 2013,  the band consists of 7 members namely RM (leader), Jin,  Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The band has several hit songs such as Blood Sweat Tears, On, Mic-Drop, Dynamite, Butter and many others. Mostly members take part in the song writing and producing process. The Billboard charting and record-breaker band is all set to make new records with their newly released Anthology album ‘PROOF’. 

WIth the title track, ‘Yet to come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’, the album consists of 35 songs. What’s unique about this album is that the band has reflected upon their journey throughout these years. The music video has used chipmunk soul sampling style in the hip hop track ‘Yet to Come’. J-Hope, Suga and RM participated in the production with the aim to deliver the hopeful message ‘the best moment is yet to come’. 

About the Album ‘PROOF’

Being a three-cd compilation album, the album has three brand new songs along with the group’s past hits such as Butter, IDOL, Euphoria, Life Goes on, Stay, Boy with Luv (ft. Halsey), Fake Love and so forth. Disc 1 features 19 songs with ‘Yet to come’ which is also the title track, meanwhile Disc 2 features 15 songs with ‘Run BTS’ being the new track along with ‘For Youth’ being the new song in Disc 3, the third disc features only one song however, The CD-3 contains 12 exclusive songs and out of which few of them are demo versions of their previous songs such as Epiphany by Jin, I need you, Jump, Seesaw, Spring Day by V and Still with You’s Acapella version as well. The songs from tracklist- CD3 are can be accessed exclusively in the CD only and are not available on the streaming platforms. 

The physical album has 2 been released in two formats, ‘Compact Edition’ and ‘Standard Edition’. The members released the album ahead of their 9th Anniversary and the album captures the essence of their past as well as showcases their old songs which were personally chosen by the members themselves. These songs not only reflect their thoughts but also depict the past, present as well as future of BTS. The members are as excited and nervous as their fans are. RM remarked the album as a message to the fans who have been with the group together and this special album wraps up Chapter 1 of BTS’ journey ahead of their ninth-anniversary debut. The members further paid keen attention in organising the order of the songs so that the listeners will be able to enjoy and have fun throughout the album. 

This comeback further marks BTS’ return on the korean music shows and will be performing on KBS’ Music Bank and Inkigayo. The Billboard charting singers are all set to celebrate their 9th Anniversary with the fans on June 13 as they will be meeting the worldwide fans virtually through Youtube Live at 9 PM Kst.

About the MV ‘Yet to Come’

The Music Video reflects their past and has numerous past references from the songs to name a few of the songs such as, Spring day, No more dream, You never walk alone, and Blood Sweat Tears. The song further depicts their growth in these 9 years as they have faced numerous hardships and showcases the message that the most beautiful moments are yet to come. 

In conversation with the fans, 

The band holds the title of being the world’s biggest boy band and their fans known as ‘Army’ is also known as the largest fandom. As the boys had made their highly anticipated comeback, we got in conversation with some fans and here are their reviews about how they feel about the comeback. 

Aera, a fan who has been stanning the band since its debut expresses her thoughts, “The album is really good listening it was like walking back in time and remembering how far we have come.Even though there are only 3 new songs they have used the melody really well in expressing there emotions. Yet to come giving a light refreshing start anticipating the future and run BTS giving a hyped beat for what we have now to which just can’t stop dancing whereas for youth shows their love and appreciation towards their fans.The album gives a fresh start to a new era for moving forward and looking into the future”

Nandika, another fan expressed her feelings on the comeback, “This album is special for multiple reasons 1 it’s an anthology album and that’s a big deal in itself 2 the album covers everything all eras together….. coming to the new tracks ‘yet to come’ is the absolute best the mv has a lot of references from previous eras which makes it all the more precious then the other new track ‘for youth’ again is so meaningful and thoughtful the song has a very special start- fanchant of young forever i had literal tears in my eyes. All in all i think this album is the perfect blend of past present and future as the most beautiful moment is yet to come.”

Meanwhile, Palak says, “it’s great I absolutely loved it run bts is such a banger and watching yet to come mv makes me wanna cry and for youth is extremely expressive and has become close to my heart”

Kaamaakshi says, “The lyrics of yet to come made me emotional. The song feels like a continuation of life goes on. It’s on repeat now”

Archana says, “I absolutely loved the music video of Yet to come. They’ve incorporated their previous music concepts holding such deep meanings and it feels so special because only ARMYs would get those references. This album is a beautiful gift that BTS have given to ARMYs”

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