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FBI Raid: Why did Donald Trump steal National Archive Records?

FBI Raid on Donald Trump: The dark secrets of Donald Trump are slowly coming to the fore. Trump get closer to the prison bars.

By Pallav Jain
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What sentences Trump could face under Espionage Act?

FBI Raid on Donald Trump: The dark secrets of Donald Trump are slowly coming to the fore. Be it a case of capital riots or stealing documents from the National Archive. As the layers of all these cases will open. The former US President will get closer to the prison bars.

Ex US President Donald Trump has said that his Mar-a-Lago Florida residence has been raided by the FBI and agents broke open his safe. Trump said in his statement that Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach was "occupied by a large group of FBI agents".

This FBI search is connected with the handling of official papers by Donald Trump. There are speculations that some official documents may have been taken to Mar-a-Lago after Trump left White House. FBI has seized some documents from Trump's Florida house during the search.

Why Donald Trump is in Trouble?

Donald Trump has faced many charges after leaving the presidency. He has also faced many allegations in the case of Capital Riots. Donald Trump says it is one of the darkest days in American history. He has assisted the agencies in all the investigations till now. In such a situation, it was unnecessary for the FBI to raid his house suddenly.

Trump says that they don't want me to run again for the president's post in 2024, that is why he is being stopped by the justice system.

He says that such assaults only happen in the Broken Third World countries.

This Raid was done to find some missing documents from the National Archive. The National Archive says they retrieved 15 boxes from Trump's Florida home. In which there were some classified records.

The question is, why would Donald Trump have stolen official records?

Under the law, a president is required to transfer all letters, work documents and emails to the National Archive after they leaves office. But Donald Trump tore many official documents which were taped again.

This Raid has been done without informing Donald Trump.

In addition to the National Archive's inquiry, the US House Representative Select Committee is also investigating Trump's involvement in the US Capital Riots case.

Is there another Watergate scandal coming to the fore in the US?

As soon as the FBI raided Donald Trump's Florida home, there was an earthquake in American politics. Donald Trump called it the dark day of American democracy and compared the US to a third world country. He says that it is not before in American history that a former president's house has been raided without informing. On this people say that America had not even seen such a president before.

Donald Trump's corrupt exploits have been compared to the biggest scandal in American history, Watergate. Garrett M Graf who is an American journalist explained how it corresponds to Watergate.

The decision to raid Donald Trump, a former President and a potential presidential candidate in 2024, must have been made more carefully after a very high level meeting in the Justice Department. Because this matter is very politically sensitive.

Search warrants require the approval of an independent federal judge. And such a raid happens only when there is full confidence of the commission of a crime, and there is complete information about getting the evidence.

The Justice Department did not let the information about this raid leak in any way. Information about this has been issued by Donald Trump himself. That is, this work was done very secretly.

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