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Deepfake P**n controversy: Who is Twitch Streamer Atrioc?

On January 30, 2023, the Twitch Streamer Atrioc showed during a transmission on Twitch (inadvertently) content from a pgraphic

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Deepfake adult clip controversy: Who is Twitch Streamer Atrioc?

On January 30, 2023, the Twitch Streamer Atrioc showed during a transmission on Twitch content from a p**nographic website, in which deepfakes appeared (videos manipulated with artificial intelligence to impersonate a person's identity) that used, without their consent, the image of other content creators such as Pokimane, Maya Higa and QTCinderella

The page offers paid artificial intelligence montages of streamers with P**ographic content. According to Kotaku, the website is similar in structure to OnlyFans, requiring the user to subscribe to access the content.

Twitch Streamer Atrioc

In his broadcast where Atrioc apologized to the public and to his partner for what happened, Atrioc affirms that he entered one night around 2 in the morning, clicking on an advertising banner that he had supposedly found on P**nHub. His happy curiosity caused the web to end up leaking in one of his last live shows.

"It was 2am and I was reading so much about artificial intelligence, deepfake music, deepfake art and I'm on all those Discord channels. It's all so embarrassing. I was on Po#@hub, on a normal website, and there was an ad, it was that ad on every video - so other people must be clicking on it because it was on every video."


"It's so embarrassing," he began to say live, a few hours after the controversy. Accompanied by his girlfriend and crying, he wanted to emphasize that "there is no excuse."

"All this stuff about Artificial Intelligence... I read a lot about it and it was on P**nHub.. it's so embarrassing," he recounted: "There was an ad and I clicked on it and I went into a spiral and at two in the morning I went into a morbid curiosity."

"It's disgusting, I know," he added. "I just want to say that it's not something I usually do." Even so, nothing excuses him for that behaviour and he has continued to receive hundreds of criticisms. 

For this reason, he has published another statement on Twitter where he assures that he is leaving the OFFBRAND agency and retiring from content creation, at least for a while. 

Who is Atrioc?

Atrioc real name is Brandon Ewing is a streamer originally from the United States who streams gaming content on Twitch.

He has more than 300 thousand followers on the platform.

Everything was going relatively normal until, on January 30, a video unmasking the scandal appeared on Reddit. In a live broadcast, Atrioc opened his internet browser and upon reviewing it in detail, it was possible to notice that, in one of the tabs, he had an adult photo page open —nope, well.

Several content creators denounced use of non-consensual sexual 'deepfakes'

After Atrioc's mistake during a program, where he showed that he had been consuming p**ographic content that used the image generated with other streamers' deep fakes, without their consent, the news exploded. 

When what happened was reported on social networks, the streamer made a live broadcast apologizing for his attitude towards the victims of this content and published a statement announcing his withdrawal from Twitch.

The content consumed used deepfake technology which, as we have explained Read here, are videos manipulated with artificial intelligence to create false images that appear real. In this case, it has been used to create p**nographic content.

Among the victims of this type of non-consensual material is the content creator Pokimane, who has asked on her Twitter to stop "se#ualizing people without her consent."

The deepfake problem

The main problem is that, once this content is uploaded to the internet, it is very difficult for it to disappear, even when its creators have removed it since there is always someone willing to repost the content to another platform.

According to The State of Deepfakes report, eight of the top 10 pgraphy websites hosted content made using this tool, where the most worrying thing is that 96% did not have the consent of the impersonated person.

study published in 2019 by Deeptrace Labs, a company specializing in artificial intelligence, indicated that around 96% of the videos analyzed by the company that used this technology were based on images of women, mostly celebrities, and had been used for content sexual without their consent, according to Vox Media

The MIT Technology Review magazine has also warned of the proliferation of applications for these purposes.


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