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Countries which are helping Afghanistan fighting hunger?

Countries which are helping Afghanistan; Many countries suspended or significantly cut funding to Afghanistan after the Taliban

By Aroosa Reshi
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Taliban increasingly violent against protesters: UN

Ground Report | New Delhi: Countries which are helping Afghanistan; Many countries suspended or significantly cut funding to Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover in August 2021.
Last month, the UN launched what it said was the “largest ever appeal” for a single country, asking for $4.4bn in funding.

Who is offering help?

Preceding the toppled of the public authority last year around 80% of its financial plan came from outside help.
Nonetheless, a large portion of this help was suspended once the Taleban took power and monetary resources (almost $10bn) were frozen by unfamiliar states and foundations.

Yet, compassionate guide proceeded to stream, and a few unfamiliar states explained that this help would be absolved from sanctions.
As of February, about $1.6bn (£1.36bn) has been provided to Afghanistan, according the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Assistance (UNOCHA).

And the US has consistently been the largest donor, followed by the European Union – although some countries in the EU, such as Germany, have provided additional funding. And several other countries – including adjoining Pakistan, India and China as well as Middle Easterner Bay states – have sent a few food and clinical supplies through different guide organizations.

In December, worldwide contributors likewise consented to move $280m from a frozen record to finance UN-run food and wellbeing administrations in Afghanistan, the World Bank says.
The US has said it is investigating delivering half of the $7bn in frozen Afghan resources in the US for helpful purposes, albeit the rest of be held back.

Most aid continues to be sent by road – through Afghanistan’s borders with Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.
Despite restrictions on the movement of people across the country’s borders, the UNOCHA says they have remained largely open to the flow of humanitarian aid.

There’s only a limited commercial flight service to Kabul – but aid organisations and governments have been able to use air routes to send some emergency supplies.

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