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China, Pakistan want to destabilize India in the name of farmers: Haryana Minister

Haryana Agriculture Minister Jai Prakash Dalal has said that foreign forces want to destabilize India, so they are using farmers’ names.

He told the news agency ANI that, “This is not the case of farmers. Foreign forces, China, Pakistan and enemy countries want to destabilize India by putting forward the name of the farmer.”

“There is development in the country but some foreign forces do not like the development of the country, some do not like Modi’s face and they are doing politics by making the farmer a pawn because no one opposes the name of the farmers.”

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not the imposed king but the elected leader who has got the mandate of the public.

He said, “After passing this law, he won the Bihar elections. People have given him tremendous support. Are they not farmers?”

The State Agriculture Minister said, “If ten or twenty thousand farmers come on the road, then the question arises whether the policy determination of the country will be on the road or in Parliament. If the people do not like the decision of the elected representatives, then the people have the right to remove them But street politics is not a good thing. “

He said, “There is democracy in the country, elections are held. Not everyone considers one ideology nor accepts one leader at all, some people opposed a leader, it does not mean that the general public does not Has turned against

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Regarding the arrival of farmers to Delhi and gathering on the borders of Delhi, he said that Delhi is the heart of the country, it is not a good thing to surround it.

He appealed to the farmers to talk to the government. He said, “It is not a good thing that we will stop the water of Delhi or stop the way. Delhi is not Lahore or Karachi, it is the capital of our country.”

He said that if anyone has a complaint with Prime Minister Modi’s policy “wait a couple of years, let work first and then see if it is benefiting or causing loss, then make a decision.”

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