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Caste violence: youth killed, four arrested in Uttar Pradesh

Caste violence; Tension has arisen in a village in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj district due to alleged caste violence. Sonu Yadav, 22, w

By Ground report
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Caste violence

Ground Report | New Delhi: Caste violence; Tension has arisen in a village in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj district due to alleged caste violence. Sonu Yadav, 22, was thrashed by his neighbors over a dispute in the village Khuli Bari, after which Sonu died. Police say that the four accused belong to the Thakur community.

According to the Indian Express, Prayagraj police told that the accused had asked Sonu to remove a video uploaded on social media. On Yadav's refusal, the accused attacked him with sticks and Sonu died in the hospital. The accused Shishu Pal Singh, his sons Pritam Singh and Piyam Singh, and their relative Shyam Singh have been arrested. The Express report says that the police are also investigating the role of two people.

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A heavy police force has been deployed in the village. The mixed population lives in the village open bari.

According to the police, Pritam Singh had asked farmer Sonu Yadav to remove a video from social media. Pritam had called the content of this video objectionable and derogatory to the Thakur community.

The Indian Express report says that there was a fight on Sonu's refusal, which was thwarted by the local people. However, Prince Dixit, an officer of Kaundhiyara police station, told that the accused again asked Sonu to remove the video. On refusing this time, the accused beat Sonu with sticks. Sonu also had a serious injury to his head.

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On July 28, Sonu's family sat on a dharna with his dead body on a road near the village. The family refused to perform the last rites till their demands were met. The family was seeking financial assistance and a government job for a family member. However, the police explained to the family and after a lot of effort, the last rites were performed.

The station head of Kaundhiara police station, Prince Dixit, said that on Monday, the accused again asked Sonu to delete the video. When he refused again, the four allegedly started hitting him with sticks, causing serious injuries including his head.

Dixit said the village had no history of caste violence and no police record of it, with locals telling them that Sonu and the accused had a good relationship and the incident happened in a jiffy.

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