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Delhi HC gives Twitter last chance to follow IT rules

Delhi HC gives Twitter; The Delhi High Court for not complying with the new IT rules (IT Rules 2021) Twitter has reprimanded the (Twitter

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Delhi HC gives Twitter; The Delhi High Court for not complying with the new IT rules (IT Rules 2021) Twitter has reprimanded the (Twitter India). Dissatisfied with Twitter's affidavits, the High Court has asked the company to file a better affidavit within a week on the appointment of Chief Compliance Officer and Grievance Officer. 

The court found that compliance with IT Rules 2021 has not been shown in the affidavits. A single-judge bench of Justice Rekha Palli was hearing a petition filed for non-compliance of Twitter's new IT rules."I don't know what your company wants to do. If you have to, follow it wholeheartedly" Justice Parish said.

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According to the report of LiveLaw, the Delhi High Court has given Twitter a week's time to file a better affidavit, giving Twitter a last chance. The court said, "The affidavit should clearly contain the details of the persons who have been appointed as Chief Compliance Officer and Redressal Officer. The reason why the nodal contact person has not been appointed so far shall be given in the affidavit. And in what time will he be appointed."

Twitter has assured the court that the company will file a clear and clear affidavit. The next hearing on this matter in the court will be on August 6. (Delhi HC gives Twitter)

Earlier, the Delhi High Court had said during the hearing on July 8 that the central government was free to initiate action against Twitter if it did not comply with the IT rules.

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New rules for social media intermediaries:

  • Appoint a Chief Compliance Officer who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act and Rules. Such a person should be a resident of India.
  • Appoint a nodal contact person for round the clock coordination with law enforcement agencies. Such person shall be a resident of India.
  • Appoint a Resident Grievance Officer who will perform the functions mentioned under the Grievance Redressal Mechanism. Such person shall be a resident of India.
  • Publish a monthly compliance report detailing the details of complaints received and action taken on complaints as well as content that has been consistently removed by important social media mediators.
  • An arbitrator shall not host or publish any information on receipt of factual knowledge as ordered by the Court or notified through an officer authorized by the appropriate Government or its agencies, which may, in relation to the interest of the sovereign, prohibited under the law. and the integrity of India, public order, friendly relations with foreign countries etc.
  • In cases where significant social media intermediaries remove or disable access to any information they conceive, a prior notice shall be sent to the user who has shared that information with a notice stating that such action will be taken. The grounds and reasons for the same have been given. Users should be provided with an adequate and reasonable opportunity to dispute the action taken by the arbitrator.

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