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Canadians Freedom Convoy: Peaceful protest!

Canadians Freedom Convoy Peaceful protest!

GROUND REPORT | New Delhi: Canadians Freedom Convoy; Thousands of truckers have gathered in the capital city of Ottawa, calling for an end to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Condemns violent protesters. This protest will impact the economy if it could be felt for months, expert warns.

Key Points

  • PM Trudeau’s mandate Covid-19 vaccine for cross-border truck drivers.
  • Protesters block the PM house.
  • Donald Trump and Elon Musk supported the truck Drivers.
  • Protesters called it’s FREEDOM CONVOY

Why Canadians Freedom Convoy is going?

The protest began against the mandatory vaccination of the truck drivers crossing the U.S-Canada Border. The drivers should be fully vaccinated or face quarantine in their homes for two weeks when they return than the US Department of Homeland Security said non-citizens entering the US via border crossing or Ferry terminals along Northern and Southern Border of US to be fully vaccinated against the covid-19.

Trudeau earlier called truckers “small fringe minority” who do not represent the majority of Canadians. He further added truckers as anti-science, anti-government, and anti-society, they’ll not only risk themselves but to other Canadian as well.

According to the truckers, more than 90% of the Canadian truck drivers are fully vaccinated and most of the time they spend in their trucks. Protesters also say that government should listen to them.

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The PM of Canada Justin Trudeau says the Canadian trucker protest has to stop as it is disrupting the country’s economy. Taking a hard stand against the truckers who have been protesting against the Covid-19 vaccine to be mandated. Thousands of truck drivers and supporters gathered against the Covid-19 restrictions.

Fearing the situation, the Canadian PM and his family left their home in the capital and shifted to a secret place. Police presence was tightened around the capital as the fear of violence.

The truck drivers named their70km truck protest as Freedom convoy. Of the thousands who joined the truckers’ protest, three people have so far been arrested: one for carrying a weapon, one charged with mischief under $5,000, and another with uttering threats on social media.

Donations to the GoFundMe page “Freedom Convoy 2022” had reached C$10m ($7.9m; £5.8m), with about C$1m released so far to organisers and with time things going out of hands.

Vaccine Status in Canada

77% of adults are vaccinated with both doses and 88% are vaccinated at least with the first dose.

Support For Protest

O’Toole said,” I support their right to be heard, and I call on Justin Trudeau to meet with these hard-working Canadians to hear their concern.”

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk said, “Canadian trucker rule.” Trump said at a rally in Conroe said, “We want those Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way.”

Meanwhile, as #Karmastrikes trending on Twitter. Many Indian social media users used the opportunity to get back at Trudeau. This was in response to Justin’s support of the protest on the farms’ bill in India.

Manoj Surendra Poonia said, “Karma Returns! Truckers protest in Canada intensifies, Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau & his family left for a secret place due to security fears. He supported tractors on roads of Delhi now facing same in his own country #TruckersForFreedom2022” and many more raise their voice for protest.

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