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Why boycott Dainik Bhaskar is Trending?

Why boycott Dainik Bhaskar is Trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why boycott Dainik Bhaskar is Trending; Dainik Bhaskar is now trending on Twitter but not for a good reason, people criticize the daily, with a hashtag #BoycottDainikBhaskar. As per the Twitter trend, Dainik Bhaskar appears to be posting ‘false and misleading’ stories about Asaram Bapu, the self-proclaimed man-god.

Why boycott Dainik Bhaskar is Trending

In the tweets, a photo of the newspaper article is trending in which the daily printed the details of the stories about Asaram bapu, the self-proclaimed man-god

The newspaper has also been in talks for other reports against the BJP and it is stated that it publishes reports in favour of the Congress, but after this report, the public loses control and now demands to boycott the newspaper.

Twitter user rahul tweeted “People are not fools! Public has observed that Dainik Bhaskar keeps printing libel against INNOCENT Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. Standard of journalism has been totally destroyed by this News Paper‼️”

Another user tweeted “At the behest of foreign forces, Dainik Bhaskar has got into the habit of tarnishing the innocent image of Hindu saints, the protectors of the country’s culture. People boycott Dainik Bhaskar and say Bye Bye Bhaskar.”

ANother user wrote “Taking money from heretics, publishes absurd and false news against Hindu rituals,Hindu saints and saints.Dainik Bhaskar is anti-Hinduism.This has been revealed by his family himself in a book called Kalinayak.”

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