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Top 10 countries where women have equal rights and better living

Best Countries for Women: this is an issue where there is still a lot of progress to be made. In many countries, including France

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Top 10 countries where women have equal rights and better living

Ground Report | New Delhi: Best Countries for Women: this is an issue where there is still a lot of progress to be made. Despite everything, some countries are more advanced in this fight than others. Each year, the World Economic Forum undertakes to quantify the progress made in this area, to analyze how public policies in all countries of the world are progressing on the issues of parity, in order to promote more equality between men. and women. 

In this context, Global Gender Gap Report, which analyzes all these developments, using four global criteria: Participation and economic opportunities, Educational opportunities, Health and survival, and political empowerment. Let's see what lessons can be learned from the latest edition of the report.

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However, the Gender Gap Report also highlights the most advanced countries in terms of gender equality. 8 countries thus exceed 80% on the overall performance in terms of gender equality. Here are the 10 most advanced countries on this issue:

Best Countries for Women

Global Gender Gap Report 2021
Image: World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2021


Iceland is the most exemplary country in terms of gender parity. The country is ranked first in terms of political integration of women: it is one of the countries with the highest number of women in its legislative assembly. When it comes to economic integration, Iceland is also among the best, with a low pay gap between men and women (the country has even passed a law requiring companies to prove that they pay men and women equally. women in equal positions), and a fairly good representation of women in managerial positions (nearly 40% of managerial or managerial positions are held by women).


Like the other Nordic countries, Finland enjoys very good rankings on the education indices (tied 1st), political integration (42% of women in parliament, 38% of women ministers), as well as on the economic level with small gaps of salaries and nearly 1/3 of managerial positions held by women.


Norway, like the other countries on the podium, is very close to parity in terms of education, in terms of political integration (41% of women in parliament, 38% of women ministers). But it is above all on the economic level that the country stands out, with one of the lowest equal pay gaps and a high proportion of women in technical and engineering positions often held by men in other jobs. other countries.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is well ranked on most indicators. What makes it slightly lower in the ranking is a still very unequal reality in the world of work: the country is only ranked 66th on the issue of equal pay, with women earning an average of 28,000 dollars against 47,000 for men.


Sweden, which closes the podium, is also well ranked on all indices. Its strengths: 52% of ministers are women, 46% of parliament is female, 38% of management positions are held by women.


Finally, Namibia, the second African country in the ranking, shows encouraging signs in many areas: 46% of deputies are women, 56% of positions related to technical skills are held by women. And as the country is fairly egalitarian in terms of access to education and health, it ranks 6th in this top.


The second non-European country in this ranking is an African country! Better-ranked than most OECD countries, this small country stands out notably thanks to the political integration of women, which is very strong in this country where 61% of deputies and 47% of ministers are women. Although there are still strong inequalities in terms of education and culture, as well as in health, the country has legislation against domestic violence, as well as laws authorizing medical abortion. On these issues, Rwanda is, therefore, more advanced than many countries at an equal level of development.


Globally, progress has been made on women's rights. In Lithuania, 91.7% of the legal frameworks that promote, enforce and monitor gender equality, with a focus on violence against women, are in place. The teenage birth rate is 11.2 per 1,000 women aged 15-19 in 2018, up from 12.6 per 1,000 in 2017


Well ranked on all indicators, Ireland benefits from its favorable economic situation and the presence of many large international companies to ensure high scores on economic integration indicators.


In the 2021 edition of the Global Gender Gap Report, Switzerland moved up to the top 10 countries and achieved the narrowest gender gap score in its history.

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