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Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: What happened so far?

Ankita Bhandari Murder Case; The SIT formed in the case of Ankita Bhandari's murder in Uttarakhand has recovered two cars used

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Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: What happened so far?

The SIT formed in the case of Ankita Bhandari's murder in Uttarakhand has recovered two cars used to carry out the crime. The matter is being investigated on the basis of a post-mortem report and evidence.

SIT in-charge and DIG P Renuka Devi told news agency ANI, "We are examining the evidence that we have collected. We have got the post-mortem report. We will record the statements of two more women working in the resort. We have recovered two cars used in the murder. We will apply for police custody to interrogate the accused. 

He said that information has been collected about the people who have worked in the resort earlier and their statements will also be recorded.

The matter came to light after the Special Investigation Team investigated the Whatsapp conversation between Ankita and her friend (name withheld). The victim confided in her friend about how Pulkit was forcing her to provide "special services" to guests.

Whatsapp chats reveal more

In one of the chats, she wrote: “Today, Ankit came to me and said that he wanted to talk to me about something. I agreed and went to a corner near my reception desk. There, he asked me if he was willing to provide "extra services" to a guest who was willing to pay 10,000 rupees. I told him bluntly that I may be poor, but I will not sell myself for 10,000 rupees to your resort.”

She further added, “To my response, he tried to clarify and say that he wasn't asking me to do it, but to let him know in case he knew of any other girls who might be willing. But I know that he had directed that offer only towards me, thinking that he might agree after learning the amount (sic)”.

In another message, she told her friend that Ankit, following Arya's instructions, had once told her that "she can be fired from her job and replaced by another girl if she doesn't agree to provide special services to guests."

She said: “I will no longer work at the resort if Ankit brings this up again. These people want him to prostitute me.”

Ankita Bhandari Murder Case

The murder of 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari has been levelled against Pulkit Arya, son of resort operator, BJP leader and former Minister of State Vinod Arya, resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar and another employee Ankit.

According to the police, Ankita was being forced into 'immoral acts' and was murdered when Ankita threatened to tell others about it. On Saturday, Ankita's body was found near the powerhouse of Chila Shakti Canal on Rishikesh-Haridwar road.

Ankita was a resident of Dom Shrikot in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. She was working as a receptionist at Vantra Resort situated between the Laxman Jhula police station area and Cheela in Rishikesh.

Ankita Bhandari was cremated on Sunday at NIT Ghat in Srinagar, Uttarakhand. He was allegedly murdered in Rishikesh. Pulkit Arya, son of former BJP leader Vinod Arya, is accused of killing Ankita. Police have also arrested three people in this connection.

Three culprits arrested

While several broken cameras were found in the initial investigation, police found clues linking Arya to the murder. Police found a home tape of Bhandari crying as he talks to a colleague. Ankita Bhandari’s chats indicated that Pulkit Arya, her culprit, tried to make sexual advances towards her, all of which she rejected and that angered Arya.

After days of searching for the deceased, the police finally apprehended the three culprits just after the matter was handed over to the regular police on September 22.

Uttarakhand Director General of Police (DGP) Ashok Kumar told ANI news agency that resort owner Pulkit Arya (35), manager Saurabh Bhaskar (35) and assistant manager Ankit Gupta (19) were arrested in the case.

“The girl disappeared five or six days ago. The resort area was not within a regular police station area. There is a Patwari police system here and an FIR was registered on behalf of the resort owner,” he said. . he said.


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