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Amazon befitting reply to Panchjanya on East India comment

Amazon befitting reply to Panchjanya on East India comment

Ground Report | New Delhi: Amazon befitting reply to Panchjanya; The mouthpiece of Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has opened a front against e-commerce company Amazon. Panchjanya has accused Amazon of paying bribes to establish a monopoly on the Indian market. The magazine has lashed out at the company, calling it the second incarnation of the East India Company 2.

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Amazon befitting reply to Panchjanya

In response, Amazon took a day and said that this allegation is not true as three lakh sellers from more than 450 cities of the country joined its online site during the lockdown in the country battling Covid.

“Three lakh new vendors joined us during the pandemic… of which 75,000 were local neighborhood shops (shops) in 450+ cities (selling) furniture, stationery, consumer electronics, beauty products, mobile phones, textiles, medical products…” Amazon said in a statement on Monday.

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Amazon also highlighted its esports program, which it said helps more than 70,000 Indian businesses – many from smaller cities and towns – sell ‘made in India’ products around the world.

“Amazon’s export program is seeing a boom… today there are 70,000+ exporters from metros as well as Tier II, III and IV cities, selling hundreds of millions of ‘Made in India’ products to customers in 200 countries across the world. are – really taking (it) global.”

Accuse amazon

Panchjanya alleges that the manner in which the British East India Company adopted, Amazon’s methods are also similar. Panchjanya in its current issue has done a cover story on Amazon.

In the cover story of Panchjanya done on Amazon, it has been written about Amazon’s threat to India’s economic freedom. According to the story, there is a possibility of heavy loss to the local small and medium industries due to this.

The RSS mouthpiece has said that Amazon formed small companies to monopolize the Indian market, and then the company paid bribes of crores in the form of legal fees to tilt the policies in India. Panchjanya alleges that all this is being done with the aim of establishing its dominance over the Indian market.

The mouthpiece says that to achieve this goal, Amazon has begun to limit the political, economic and personal freedom of the Indian people. Simultaneously, the mouthpiece has also cited the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video to say that films and TV series are released on this platform to degrade and degrade Indian culture.

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