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Agriculture based cottage small, medium, industries need encouragement

Agriculture based cottage small; For a year and a half, the country has had to face two waves of the Corona epidemic.  For the past two

By Ground report
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Agriculture based cottage small

Ground Report | Vikas Meshram: Agriculture based cottage small; For a year and a half, the country has had to face two waves of the Corona epidemic.  For the past two months, it has been announced that the country is gaining independence from the second wave of the Corona. Corona's downturn has shaken our economy and cottage, small and medium enterprises have been hit the hardest. Millions of people living in these industries have become unemployed. Currently, the unemployment rate is such that the unemployment rate in eleven states of the country has exceeded three times the national rate. 

Agriculture based cottage small

Even in states where the unemployment rate is lower than the national average, thanks to MGNREGA.  In other words, MGNREGA wages were distributed among those who did not get jobs, which led to lower unemployment than the national average.  But here MNREGA is more in the form of distribution. No productive action plan was presented with it, so the country's growth rate did not appear to be increasing with the help of MGNREGA. The number of housewives is abundant in the MGNREGA lists and male laborers have left the villages and moved to the cities in the hope of getting higher wages.

When the Corona epidemic had swept the country for the last one and a half years, the entire metropolitan industry was shut down, so the working class returned to the village and started farming. On the other hand, a large number of these youths had gone abroad to earn a good living. But as the Corona epidemic erupted around the world, a large number of foreign Indians began to return home. They had no choice but to engage in agriculture. The global culture that was shaken by the corona could no longer shelter them. The number of young people who have gone abroad in search of livelihood, the wasted manpower of the youth who have returned, is being stated in crores.

The first wave of Corona was suppressed by the end of last year but these people did not return to the city out of fear, as the fear of the return of the second wave of Corona was alive.  The same thing happened. From the second month of this year, a new wave of corona began to show its eruption. This wave was even more contagious than the first wave, spreading rapidly.

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Economic booster

The mortality rate of patients was also very high.  It is true that the tide began to subside by June, and in July the government declared independence from the tide and began lifting restrictions on the economy, but this did not keep the economy afloat. First, the government was signaling a return to the third wave of the Corona, advising social distance. So, the migrant labor force remained in the villages and started looking for an alternative life for themselves. (Agriculture based cottage small)

Meanwhile, the Indian government announced two economic booster doses to encourage investment decisions. First out of Rs 20 lakh crore last year and now second this year, Rs 6.3 lakh crore under the second wave of the corona. Then several new announcements were made in this. From 'Start-Up India' to 'Self-Reliant India', but these two booster economies did not create a new atmosphere of excitement, due to easy monetary policy, encouraging results did not come as expected.

Not only sound credit but his alertness and dedication too are most required.  But demand will only increase when more revenue falls into the hands of the common man and consumers. The situation in the country here is such that even the savings of the common people if they earn more, have drastically reduced the deposits of savers in the banks during the last Corona period to combat the Corona crisis. (Agriculture based cottage small)

Small, medium, and cottage industries

The salaried class has been hit the hardest. Due to the collapse of the economy in the epidemic, the salaried sector gradually became incapacitated. The small, medium, and cottage industries in the country became lifeless as there was a severe lack of market demand for them in this extraordinary situation. When economic boosters become ineffective, how will people demand new investments to raise money, wages, and jobs?

In such a situation farmers are seeing this promising business in their economy which has returned to their village from the laboring cities, they have taken refuge in their farming business to live in their village instead of going back to the metropolis. But in the last few years, the condition of agriculture has not been very good.  Even now, more than half the population of the country is in search of livelihood in the villages. And it is very worrying that the share of agriculture in the national income is low.

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Even in these critical days of Corona, the agricultural sector has saved a developing country like India from starvation.  Now new figures are showing that the contribution of agriculture to both waves of the corona was positive. The contribution of all other products, industries, and businesses went to zero. In order for the additional population who want to migrate from the cities to find a new meaning of living and subsistence in their villages, they must find new ones based on agriculture. Cottage and small-scale industries need to be given concessional security.

If the quake-hit Japan's population is still intact, it is because they have built a network of small, cottage industries in their country. The agro-based sectors of Australia and Canada also survived as they relied on agro-based industries. The whole identity of Indian culture is incomplete without the development of agricultural culture. Instead of blind urbanization, we should embrace agricultural modernization in the country. It is important to note that the ability to overcome all problems lies in agriculture and agribusiness.

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