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A step towards the safety of women by Mumbai Police

A step towards the safety of women by Mumbai Police

Ground Report | New Delhi: Safety of women by Mumbai Police; A special squad named “Nirbhaya Squad” has formed by Mumbai Police on 26th January 2022. This squad has basically formed for the women’s safety anytime anywhere. A 2.08 minutes short film has gone viral on social media which was uploaded by the Mumbai Police via which they introduce their new squad. With the message “Fearless women- a trademark of Mumbai”. Mumbai police released this short film which is created by Bollywood filmmaker Rohit Shetty followed by the voice-over of a famous Bollywood actor Amitab Bachan.

Mumbai Police is always known for its creative posts, this time again they have come up with a gem where they introduce their new squad through a short film. In this short film, they have covered how these squads will tackle crime against women.

With the caption “Laangh Ke Ab Tu Laxman Rekha, Ban Nidar, Ban Nirbhaya!” a short film is shown where a middle-aged woman coming out of railway station, a woman travelling in a bus, another driving alone at night and a group of women chilling out all of them are seen targeted by men, to tackle with these men, women are shown dialling 103 number on their cellphone and as soon as they dial the number Nirbhaya Squad appears, secures them and ensures to make those women feel safe.

Mumbai Police has formed this special squad which includes women police officers and constables, a male constable and a driver to rescue women and to tackle all the crimes, harassment against women. The helpline number is “103”. This team will also carry out special patrolling in vulnerable spots, awareness drives and track the activities of sexual offenders.

The squad was officially formed on 26th January 2022 in the presence of Maharashtra Minister Dilip Walse Patil. Maharashtra Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray also joined the inauguration via video conferencing.  The brutal rape and murder of a woman in suburban sakinaka in 2021 which was kindly similar to the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-case rape has forced Mumbai police to take up this step. This squad is set up at every police station.

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