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5 Tips to Stay Energetic During Ramadan

Starting from April 14, Muslims will celebrate the month of Ramadan which has various blessings and opportunities to earn rewards.

Fasting actually also provides health benefits if we eat healthy and highly nutritious foods at dawn and breaking the fast.

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Here are some tips for fasting healthily and allowing us to carry out our daily activities as usual.

Make sure the body has enough water

  • Our bodies need adequate fluids, but when fasting we need to manage it wisely by consuming water at dawn, breaking the fast and before going to sleep. Make sure we drink enough water and not too much so that the body can absorb fluids properly even when fasting.

Avoid sugary drinks

  • In addition to ensuring that the body is well hydrated, you should drink water instead of drinking sugary drinks, especially at dawn. This is because the sugar content in these drinks can make a person feel thirsty quickly. For those who want to go on a diet, it’s time to challenge yourself not to consume sugar during Ramadan – not only losing weight but also being healthier.

Don’t take revenge when breaking the fast

  • Remember, breaking the fast is not for us to “get revenge” after a day of hunger and thirst. Even in Islam itself teaches us to be modest when breaking our fast. Do not continue to eat heavy foods such as fried or oily side dishes because they can cause cholesterol and blood pressure to suddenly rise. It’s good to break your fast by tasting dates which contain various nutrients and plain water so that your stomach doesn’t feel shocked.
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The right sahur menu

  • Choosing a plate of rice with various types of side dishes at dawn seems satisfying until the break time but not good for the digestive system. The digestive system has to work hard to process all the food which ultimately makes us hungry quickly.
  • Choose a menu rich in fiber, yogurt, fruit and vegetables and dates that are more filling and can provide energy throughout the day.

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Stay active

  • Fasting does not mean we need to reduce physical activity and serve as an excuse to be lazy. If we follow a balanced diet, our bodies can function normally. So, don’t just sleep!

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