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3,86,031, forest fires cases in country in last five months this year

Since March this year, The figures for the year 2021 are also revealing the terrible situation of the rising fire in the forest

By Wahid Bhat
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78% increase in environmental crimes in 2020: NCRB report  

In the five months from January to May this year, there have been 3,86,031 cases of fire in the country. Whereas, only 1,54,032 fire incidents were reported last year.

Ground Report | New Delhi: Since March this year, there were reports of fire from all over the country. The figures for the year 2021 are also revealing the terrible situation of the rising fire in the forest. The Forest Survey of India gives information about real-time fire incidents with the help of National Remote Sensing Center, Hyderabad. From January 1 to May 28 this year, there were 3,86,031 fires in forests across the country. However, only 1,54,032 places received fire warnings during January to December last year. That is, in just five months this year, twice as many fire incidents were recorded as compared to last year.

The Forest Survey of India sends its information along with the location of the fire to the forest department so that the fire can be controlled in time. According to the report on the state of forest released by this institution in the year 2019, 21.40 percent of the forest area of ​​the country is very sensitive to fire.

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The change in forest cover between the two successive assessment periods is an important indicator. Indicates the state of forests in a state / union territory or the entire country. Changes in forest cover are analyzed In relation to the forest cover of the previous assessment which represents the actual change in the forest cover Land. Non-forest changes between forests and vice versa, except changes within forests Forests among different umbrella density classes have also been analyzed.

"Changes in forest area for each state / union territory for three density classes. It has been observed that the total forest area of ​​the country has been benefited by 3,976 sq km as compared to the forests. The previous assessment is reported in ISFR 2017. States / UTs have shown significant gains in forest area. Karnataka (1,025 sq km), Andhra Pradesh (990 sq km), Kerala (823 sq km) and Jammu and Kashmir (371 sq km). While the loss prone states in the forest area are Manipur (499 km), Arunachal Pradesh (276 km ) and Mizoram (180 sq km)".

The forest dwellers have come under fire at a time when they are already troubled by the ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19. Recently, a group talking about the rights of forest dwellers has released a report saying that the livelihood of the forest dwellers has been affected due to Covid-19. “Tribals and forest dwellers collect 60 percent of the forest produce during the summer season. Their livelihoods have been affected due to the lockdown and non-payment of fair prices by the governments, ”the report claimed.

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This report also mention the advisory of the Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Change last year in which it has been said to control the movement of people in the National Park, Century and Tiger Reserve. "Many people, including primitive tribes, fish farmers, whose livelihoods depend on the forest, have been affected due to people being prevented from moving into the forest," the report said. This report has also been sent to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

Loss of livelihoods from Minor forest produce:

The report claimed, Lock down has affected the collection, use and sale of Small Forest Produce (MFP) or non- Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) by tribals and forest dwellers. Estimated 100 million The forest dwellers depend on MFP for food, shelter, medicines and cash income 6 . NTFP the collection season from April to June provides major income support to the tribals (around 60.) percentage of the annual collection during this period) and, unfortunately, it Exactly coincides with lockdown.

This report also mentions, Since it is the forest women who are most active Women forest dwellers are adversely affected if they are engaged in the collection and sale of NTFPs the weather is missed, it will be severe, and it will have an impact on general health and flexibility of the whole family for the coming year 7. Odisha is in states like Maharashtra come up with guidelines allowing the collection of NTFPs.

Change in forest carbon stock of India between 2017 and 2019

According to the report of India Environment Portal The carbon stock in India's forests for 2019 has been estimated at 7,124.6 million tonnes. There is a 42.6 million tonnes of forest carbon stock increased in the country as compared to estimates of the previous assessment. The annual growth of carbon stock is estimated at 21.3 million tonnes which tonnes 78.1 million tons of CO2 is equivalent. Soil organic carbon forest is the largest pool of carbon (54.19%) followed by AGB (31.6%), BGB (9.7%), litter (1.80%) and dead wood (0.50%). On comparing the changes between the current and previous valuations, the biggest increase is Soil organic carbon followed by AGB and dead wood.

Trend of carbon stock in forest and tree cover in India as determined at national level in India contribution (NDC) aims to create an 'additional carbon sink of 2.5 to 3.0 billion tonnes of CO2' equal to additional forest and tree cover by 2030. FSI is assessing carbon stocks forests of India, on a regular basis, have also been reported to UNFCCC under different national communication (NATCOM). To understand the magnitude and scale of the tasks required to achieve compared to the target of the trend of carbon stocks in forest and tree cover in business in general (BAU), FSI has a study using time series data on forest cover, its estimated change and change matrix.

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