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Women soldiers posted at different places in Kashmir

Women soldiers posted

Ground Report | New Delhi: Women soldiers posted; The Assam Rifles women soldiers were deployed at motor-vehicle checkpoints to frisk women and children. Officials said the Assam Riflewomen have been deployed in some areas of Kashmir where they assist male soldiers in frisking women and children at motor-vehicle posts.

Women soldiers posted in Kashmir

The women soldiers check the rising drug trafficking. They are now inspiring local girls to dream bigger and aim higher in life.

 “We are women and have to deal with womenfolk. So we start from that common ground. We have to be humane so that the local women repose their trust in us…We are here to serve them.” said a woman official.

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She further added, “We do all the duties that male soldiers do. We guard the gate, we man the bunkers, we go into cordon and search operations. There is no fear. This is part of our duty.”

They also assist in house-to-house searches during siege and search operations, she said. (Women soldiers posted)

But more than their primary role, these riflewomen are happy to break the myths surrounding Kashmir and inspire local girls to dream big and aim higher in life.

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Rekha Kumari, a riflewoman from West Bengal’s Vardhaman district, has served in Manipur and Nagaland before reaching the Valley a month ago.

Ms. Kumari said, “There are apprehensions and apprehensions about coming to Kashmir but then we are here in the service of the nation. Also, there are a lot of myths about Kashmir. The people here are nice and we enjoy interacting with them. “

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Another lady officer said that many girls aspire to be riflewomen like them. She added that it is not necessary to become a soldier. Dhangar then said, “Let them follow their dreams, let them aim higher than the highest they thought they could go.” Dhanger is a native of Maharashtra. She is more into tough soldiering. Women soldiers were seen frisking at different locations in Ganderbal.

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