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Why SEX is written on some of the two-wheeler’s number plate in Delhi?

Why SEX is written on two-wheelers in Delhi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why SEX is written on two-wheelers in Delhi; In a strange incident in Delhi, new two-wheeler owners are facing a strange problem, the number plates being issued these days have the letters ‘SEX’ on them, causing a lot of embarrassment.

A fashion designing student Mansi (name changed) travels from Janakpuri to Noida by Delhi Metro. But due to long travel hours and congestion in Delhi Metro, she requested her father to buy a scooty. After almost a year of requests, she put her hand on this Diwali. It was a lovely Diwali gift from her father.

She said that people around him started making fun of her and the neighbor’s aunty called her shameless for driving the scooty with such a number. Soon after, the number plate of her scooty was installed. As per the order, the RTO gave her a number plate… and it had the words S-E-X on it. So, her registration number reads DL 3 SEX **.

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Unable to ride the scooty, Mansi and her father went to the seller of the scooty from where they had bought it. The father asks the seller to change the number plate but he ruthlessly replies that such numbers are common in many scooters and cars and Mansi is not the queen to get a new one. (Why SEX is written on two-wheelers in Delhi)

Since the registration number is assigned by the Regional Transport Officer (RTO), the seller of the scooty cannot do anything on it. Mansi’s father also asked the dealer to change the number but he told that it cannot be changed as it is generated online by Sarai Kale Khan RTO from the Indian car website.

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The registration of the vehicle at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is very important after purchasing it as the registration number provided becomes the identifier of the vehicle. Vehicle registration numbers are discussed on the Indian Car Forum and Indian car community Team-BHP, where complaints are filed on the automotive scene in India as well.

According to a Delhi RTO official, “a large number of cars and scooters have got such numbers and they cannot do anything about it”. “Once the vehicle number is allotted, there is no provision to change it as of now as the entire process follows a prescribed pattern,” the Delhi RTO official said.

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