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Why Mary Trump hates his uncle Donald Trump?

mary trump and donald trump

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has said former President will turn against everyone if he is indicted for a capital riot. He will “muddy the waters, deflect, project, cast blame on everybody,” Mary Trump said on Thom Hartmann’s YouTube show.

“I think he’s going to turn on everybody,” she told Hartmann. “I think he’s, as we’ve seen, his circle is getting smaller and smaller by the controversy. So I think there will be very few people left standing.”

The House Select Committee has been entrusted with the task of investigating the Capitol Riots. It is believed that during that time former President Donald Trump broke 5 federal laws.

About Mary Trump

Mary Lea Trump is an American psychologist and author. She is the niece of former US President Donald Trump. She has been speaking against Donald Trump as well as his entire family.

Her 2020 book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, is about her uncle, President Donald Trump, and their family. More than one million copies of this book were sold.

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Mary is the eldest grandchild of patriarch Fred Trump Sr., and the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. Fred Jr. died from a heart attack due to complications from alcoholism, at age 42 in 1981. He left behind two children—Mary L. Trump and Fred Trump III.

After their father’s death, a property dispute affected Mary L Trump’s relations with Donald Trump and his family.

Mary holds a master’s degree in literature from Columbia University and a doctorate in psychology from Adelphi University.

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