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Why Justice for Punjabi girl is trending? what’s the matter

Why Justice for Punjabi girl is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Justice for Punjabi girl is trending; Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan slammed the YSRCP government and its leaders at the Republic film’s pre-release function on Saturday night. Due to this, YSRCP retaliated in the east on Sunday. Minister Vellampalli Srinivas expressed displeasure over Pawan Kalyan and warned that if anyone talks against YS Jagan they will not spare it.

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What’s the controversy

During the Republic pre-release event, actor Pawan Kalyan left no stone unturned to criticize the Andhra Pradesh government’s stand towards the Telugu film industry and the alleged harassment of Tollywood actors due to political differences. While his comment on the Andhra government became the talk of the town, he also got support from actors like Nani and Kartikeya Gummakonda. He urged the officials to look into the issues of the film industry and help revive cinema.

However, Tollywood actor Posani Krishna Murali asked Power Star Pawan Kalyan that There is a girl who brought a lot of dreams to the Telugu film industry from Punjab. She wanted to become a actress. A big boy in the industry promised her a career, a new life, spent time with her, and even got her pregnant.

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The girl realized that she had been betrayed. When asked for justice, the boy asked her to have an abortion and keep quiet. He also warned of dire consequences if he opened his mouth in front of the media.

He said the boy threatened her after seeking justice. The boy asked her to have an abortion and keep quiet on this issue. He is said to have given Rs 3 crore to his family. He said that he will reveal the name to Pawan Kalyan and asked him to do justice, expose his name in front of the media.

Telugu film body distances

However, the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, the apex body of the industry in both the Telugu states, distanced itself from Pawan Kalyan’s comments. In a press note, TFCC Chairman Narayandas Kishandas Narang said, “Various individuals have expressed their views, opinions, and anguish on different platforms. These are not the voices of the entire industry.”

The TFCC statement read, “The Telugu film industry had approached the Andhra Pradesh government to guide us through the pandemic and various other issues.

“At the invitation of Shri Perni Nani, Hon’ble Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the representatives of Telugu Film Industry met and expressed their concern regarding various issues being faced by the Telugu Film Industry. Honorable Chief Minister Shri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy asked to patiently understand all our concerns and give positive feedback and assure us that in near future all our concerns will be addressed in a favorable manner.

Justice for Punjabi girl trending

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