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Why filmmaker Ali Akbar announces to leave Islam

Filmmaker Ali Akbar Islam; Malayalam filmmaker Ali Akbar has said that he and his wife Lusima are leaving Islam and converting

By Ground report
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Filmmaker Ali Akbar announces to leave Islam, citing General Bipin Rawat

Ground Report | New Delhi: Filmmaker Ali Akbar Islam; Malayalam filmmaker Ali Akbar has said that he and his wife Lusima are leaving Islam and converting to Hinduism. Ali Akbar says he is doing this because several Muslim-named account users posted smileys in the comments on the post related to the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat, which made him sad.

Akbar said that no major Muslim leader opposed such 'traitors' who insulted a brave army officer and this was not acceptable to him. Sharing a video on his Facebook page on Wednesday, the filmmaker said, "Today, I am throwing away an attire I received by birth. From today onwards, I am not a Muslim. I am an Indian. That is my reply to those people who posted thousands of smiling emoticons against India".

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The post of Akbar Ali was strongly criticized by many Muslim Facebook users and used abusive language, in return Akbar Ali was also seen replying in the comments section in abusive language.

Talking to Times of India, Akbar said, "There are many anti-national activities on social media. The incident of General Rawat's death is the latest example. Most of the users who commented on the post of CDS General Rawat's death with laughing emoji were Muslims.

“He did this because Rawat had taken several actions against extremists in Pakistan and Kashmir. Even after seeing such public posts that insulted the brave officer of the country, no major Muslim leader reacted. I Don't want to be a part of this type of religion.

Akbar stated that he and his wife would convert to Hinduism and begin the process of changing their names in official records, although he made it clear that he would not force his two daughters to convert, they would make their own decisions. Will take

Ali Akbar, who was a member of the BJP's state committee, had stepped down in October this year due to some disagreements with the party leadership. In 2015, Akbar created a sensation when he told that he was sexually abused while studying in a madrasa. Akbar is currently making a film on the Malabar rebels.

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