Why ‘Erection’ is trending on twitter? we have answer

For a few days, such trends are happening on Twitter in the US, whose inception is not known to anyone. Although people are enjoying these trends a lot. Sometimes Baron Trump’s height, sometimes “She’s a 6” and today the erection is trending. This has been the top trend for the past several hours. No one knows about why it originated, but everyone is saying something or the other on their own.

CNN’s Co Anchor and Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash mistakenly said erection instead of insurrection in one of her news bulletins. Since then, someone started a campaign on Twitter to replace one word of favorite game with erection and tweet storm occur. Since then, people have started tweeting a lot on Twitter.

Watch the video of Dana Bash.

what people are saying on this trend?

One user wrote.

Okay, good morning Twitter … what’s happening today? Kneepads, erection, “She’s a 6” …
This generation isn’t exactly “Today in History…” material, is it?

Economists quantifying the damage caused by the erection of trade barriers with its biggest market, separating the Brexit effect from the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic .. They conclude that the damage is real and not over yet ‘ –
@ChrisGiles_ @GeorgeWParker #Brexit


The word “ERECTION” is trending. I can’t help but think @RepMTG must’ve been discussing the #January6thHearings and attempting to say “election”.


Someone is teaching biology lesson.

Basic biology lesson here. A man can get an erection without being sexually aroused. It can happen without notice and for no conscious reason whatsoever. It can be caused by temperature fluctuations, by muscle spasms in the leg, or just whatever. Don’t be ignorant.


Only one user got this right

It’s one thing that @DanaBashCNN accidently said “#Erection” on TV and now it’s trending…..


Twitter is mysterious and fun place sometimes.

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