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Why BCCI promotes halal trending?

Why BCCI promotes halal trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why BCCI promotes halal trending; The Indian cricket team is reportedly following a diet plan that excludes pork and beef in any form, and only halal-certified meat for consumption.

A report published by Sports Tak states that the new diet plan was devised after the Indian cricket team’s humiliating performance during the recently concluded T20 International World Cup, where India could not qualify for the semi-finals for the first time since its inception in 2007.

On Tuesday morning, the BCCI started the practice of promoting Halal (#BCCI_Promotes_Halal) on Twitter. Let us know what is the whole matter and why is BCCI on target of some fans? India and New Zealand (India vs New Zealand) first Test match will be played in Kanpur from Thursday (25 November). For this both, the teams have reached Kanpur.

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According to media reports, the food menu has also been issued for the Indian players. This includes an all-day counter, mini breakfast at the stadium, lunch, tea time snacks, and dinner at night. Pork and beef are excluded from this menu. Halal meat is included in non-vegetarian cuisine.

The report said that some players are finding it difficult to maintain the intensity as they are playing non-stop cricket across all formats and living in the bio-bubble protocol. Along with other orders, players now also need to be extra cautious with their eating habits, in particular, players who prefer to consume meat products on a daily basis, as the new diet plan changes the way they consume.


Twitter user wrote “As per reports, @bcci has started new diet which consists of Halal only meat! But the question is what is the relation between health & halal? Forcing non-Muslim communities to buy only Halal products is an affront to the religious freedom of the majority”

Another user wrote “We have asked BCCI the benefits of Halal (Took) meat over Hygienic meat!! We are also interested in knowing the father of this diet plan.”

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Another user wrote “Halal, a religiously discriminatory practice that promotes differentiation b/w Muslims &non-Muslims! Halal that makes it an explicit religiously discriminatory practice much like untouchability! But @BCCI Why do U put so much emphasis on Halal”.

“The process of Halal makes it an explicit religiously discriminatory practice much like untouchability with it only allowed to be performed by a Muslim man. Non-Muslims are denied employment at a Halal firm which is intrinsically an Islamic practice” Another user wrote.

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